Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Outfit today. I really liked it. I forgot I can't wear red to ballet though...oops.

I promise I'm not flashing you my underwear. I was trying to show off my nifty way of layering my ballet gear with my street gear. I meant to show you my ballet shorts!

I danced today. It was a slow class but essential. We worked on alignment. It's important for me to go over that since I have sculiosis and bad posture in general. Parking at school was rough. I got to campus around 9:40am and didn't find a spot till a little after 10am. Which is actually an improvement. I bought the majority of my books. I feel like I can finally get started on some work. I have a lot of catching up to do. I am concerned some of the software I have wont work on my Mac.
 I went and dropped off a new key card and some vitamins for Aaron in his mail box and headed to the gym.
It was so lovely there today. The rain took a break and it was so sunny. The treadmills face a big window and I just watched the blue sky. I feel so silly sometimes when I run because certain songs will remind me of events. I laugh or smile randomly when specific songs play. Or, as was the case today, sing a long silently. I had a really great work out.
I am blue today though. You'd think the blue sky's--like for most, would make me feel happier. On the way home from the gym I prayed in my head to get through this. I feel lost now. I am up in arms on what major to do (continue with psychology or switch to history which I really love), where to transfer to (it looks like come fall I may be ready to do so), and now I am alone again. Where to go? What to do? I guess its a case of the miss hims today. I really want to post on what him and I spoke about but I am nervous to. I am taking a risk, but I feel its worth it.

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