Sunday, February 27, 2011

Weekend Photo Dump

First, on Friday it snowed in Folsom. I missed it by 20 mins!!
Shane's roof
Then Saturday Shane and I took "the girls", aka My cousin and his sister of the same age, to a tattoo shop and then to lunch.
My cousin Avalon. She is so grown up looking! I love it!
Shane's sister. I loved her sunglasses!

Uhh the slouching. 
Then there was the Myspace Montage.
More reasons of why I love this man so unbelievably much!!
After we dropped off Avalon; Shane, the Sister and I made some pretty fantastic scores at the Goodwill. I can't wait to take some pictures and share. I found a really fabulous coral skirt that needs to be hemmed and two amazing tops!

Later Saturday night we had a double date with Shane and I's favorite couple/people. One of my favorite parts of being coupled is having awesome couple friends! I have never experienced anything like it! From what people tell us, people like to be around Shane and I. I suppose thats what happens when you find someone you are truly matched with. I know I LOVE being around these two...
Amineh and Alex. 
Huss & Sass
Sunday morning Shane and I woke up and got our favorite doughnuts. 
Thanks Marie's Doughnuts!!
I have a terrible addiction to the cream filled ones. I am extremely picky about having real whipped heavy cream on everything. These are TO DIE FOR!

Shane and I are one day down from our normal visiting time. Sundays he works on Shondra (his Subaru).  Some reeeaaaalllly big things are in the works. Life changing things for me! This is going to be a crazy next few weeks. Tomorrow I am going to make a few finalizing phone calls and I will post more of the details. Here is a hint: I would  LOVE for all of my readers to get involved in anyway you all can!!! 

Hope you guys all enjoy our last few days of February (I hate the spelling of that)!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Favorites

+ Claussen pickles. In celebration of the new roomie we had some deep fried pickles. They were the best EVER! My roommate told me he was convinced the reason the deep fried pickles were so crunchy even after flash frying was because they were Claussen. Riiiight. I never really buy by brand. OH MY GOD! These are the best pickles EVER! Believe it or not, they are somewhat hard to find. Check the refrigerator aisle. He says they keep their crunch because their always refrigerated. I say they are made by magical pickle worker gnomes.

+ Coral Everything. My nails are even a fabulous coral.
+Wrap Sandwiches. Their so great! All you have to do is throw in some of your favorite things, wrap it up and go! I have been using whole wheat wraps. My favorite thing is to use hummus to replace mayo. I have also been cutting up one to two pickles (Claussen of course) and throwing them in. I can't wait to buy more!

+ The Buckhorn Grill. The owners of The Buckhorn, a steak house in Winters,CA opened up a few of these around Northern California. Thursday was the first time I ate at one. I got the Roadhouse sandwich (not pictured). Shane got this baby (yeah, that cheesy delicious thing up there). I introduce you to the Bacon Cheddar buck. Its the perfect size and the meat in there is so delicious and juicy. I am sorry for those who don't live in driving distance of this mouthwatering lovely. You can even order online and pick up at the store (you reading this Buckhorn owners? Sponsor me, and by that I mean give hook it up with the sandwiches, and I will write about your food CONSTANTLY!).

Thats all I can think of for now. This week has seemed to drag on. Maybe its because I am looking forward to things on the weekend. Do you guys out there have any favorite things of the week?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Bloggin Buddy Spotlight

A little known fact about Shane and I is we met online. I joke that I was online shopping for a boy on a free dating website and decided to buy him. Online dating is quite the growing trend. I know a lot of girls and few guys who use these websites in search of relationships. Online dating takes a lot of the awkwardness out of the whole deal. However, this sets up an entire new set of rules and complications to dating. One of the most amazing people to help anyone sift through the craziness that is online dating is my friend Kathy. She has a hilarious blog with the most helpful dating translator ever! Kathy also writes a fantastic column for the Examiner.
My girl Christina is also doing some really awesome features on her pets at her blog Love Christina Marie. I wasn't sure how that was going to go. Being a self professed cat lady myself those types of posts can get kinda crazy (you don't want to know how many pictures on my phone I have of my cats doing silly things. I would loose readers if I told). The first two posts super surprised me. This girl is a gangster, superwoman, hero to these doggies! I feel inspired to go down to the pound and rescue every mutt and kitty I see! These pups were not in a great place and she completely took them in and nursed them back to better!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

I Wonder...

What would happen if the tables were turned? I was walking with my client and her dad the other day thinking. What if average people, doing average everyday things were being stalked around by paparazzi? I know some pretty extraordinary people with tough jobs (a ton tougher than acting or modeling and I've done both ameturely!). Even my job is a lot tougher than acting. Manual labor aside I flat out believe people that work jobs like mine make a much more meaningful impact on the world than a movie or its star (yes, there are timeless epic movies...but come on). People in the health care industry (doctors and mental health a like), emergency workers (ex, police, CHP, firefighters, EMT etc.), some military all way more amazing and courageous than Lohan, Brit Brit or crazy ass Tom Cruz. Why can't we treat MFTs and people that save lives with the same rock star status? I sure think they deserve it!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Baby Fever

This weekend Shane and I contracted a really bad case of baby fever. Promise we wont be getting pregnant any time soon!

Weekend recap!
 + Saturday Shane's band Plead the Fifth played a show (video to follow). I actually had a great time and even have a few new hardcore bands to add to my "like" list.

+ Sunday (today) we did some things around his house. I am coming to love staying in Folsom. Its really beautiful here (I'd like to do a post on a guide to Folsom visits). Mid afternoon Shane and I went to my friends baby shower. Here is where the trouble started. Typically baby showers aren't co-ed. Well Shane got a taste of all the "cool stuff" you get and we both have a feeling we'd be AWESOME parents. We reminded ourselves first comes love, then comes marriage...then comes baby in the baby carriage.

Then Shane and I had a relaxing dinner of pizza and root beer floats. Shane has never seen Step Brothers so we are going to peep on that. I love when we both have the same holidays off!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Recap

More pictureless posts. Thats ok. Everything is about to change tomorrow (I mean, I don't know what I'm saying...).

+ Friday was calm before the teenage storm

+ Saturday I went to Davis for my cousin Avalon's 18th birthday. She invited me to join her and 10 of her girlfriends for a chocolate cooking class (which I give a thumbs up and a half). Then I helped "cater" her super fun dinner party with my aunt and uncle. I must admit it was fun pretending to be a real chef catering a private house party. Chaotic, but super fun! My dearest Avalon and I are even still getting to know each other more but I must say there was a sentimental feel to the night. New doors opening for her! So exciting!

+ Sunday, today, was chill. Thank goodness! Did a little grocery shopping with shane. FINALLY bought the dresser I've been eyeing at Ikea forever! Shane says he is going to put it together for me while I am at work.

Tomorrow we have dinner reservations at a fancy shmancy restaurant. The perk is Shane's adorable 18 year old band mate works there (kind of like a little brother to Shane). We decided to be super embarrassing and requested his section!  I got so caught up mathing and hanging with Jimmy and Lesley I forgot my plans to primp! I'm hoping for some time pre dinner. I am just super excited to spend some really special time with Shane. I am so excited about tomorrow! It feels like Christmas!! This will be my first Valentines day in 3 years I am going on a date! Maybe even ever! Two years ago my mom was my date, just us single gals. Last year I went on a motorcycle ride with my friend (aka, my ex who had dumped me weeks before v-day) and his roommate. So I am pumped to say the least!

Oh and just a note to those that follow; I plan on doing a "Friday Favorites" post every Friday of things that were my favorite throughout the week. I'll try not to put Shane on every Friday but it will probably be tough. He is so freakin amazing and typically does something to prompt "your my favorite" weekly.

Have great Mondays all!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


I am grateful to have my father. Even more so I am lucky to have him. Recently I am truly realizing how lucky I am that he is alive. I don't talk about my dad much especially here on my blog. My dad and I haven't had the closest of relationships. As a matter of fact he hasn't been around for much of my pivotal years. I used to have so much anger toward him for that. In the past few years, probably because I am older now, I have let all of the anger and resentment go. My dad could have died about a million times and in many cases should not be alive, but he is. Here are the two times that scared me the most:

For most my life my dad worked for PG&E as a lineman. One rainy night my dad had to work on some power lines. The power wasn't shut off in the line. My dad was electrocuted and fell 30 some odd feet to the ground. His memory, amongst other things, was completely shot. He has told me he had to relearn everything. To this day he retells stories. I don't mind at all, I will gladly listen to them over and over. I am just amazed and thankful he is around to tell them.

A few years ago my dad broke his neck in six places during a race. We weren't speaking so I had no idea. I could have lost him and never been able to tell him how much I admire him. The doctor told him they didn't want to do anything to him because he was alive and he shouldn't be. You'd think that would stop my father from racing. No. He has a race coming up in March I get to watch. I wont even go into all the bones he has broken, ligaments torn, nerves damaged. Yet he still rides, still farms, still flies his little WWII plane and is still working for a power company (only not climbing many poles anymore).

My father is the most amazing human I know. I hope someday he will know how much I look up to him and love him.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I learned from two Moms talking at Starbucks.

+ Stretch marks, oh lord

+ A million tiny loads of laundry (why not throw kid clothes in with your own?).

+ Random people with kids talk to you about your kid. I guess its like how everyone thinks because I have tattoos I must be the same as other people with tattoos.

Monday: I failed my chapter 6 math test. I had a little breakdown. Shane came and consoled me.  Every new day with him surprises me. He is everything I could have hoped for and more. I am incredibly blessed.

Tuesday: Picked my butt back up off the floor, headed down to the math lab (while doing as much calming breathing as I could) and retook my test. I PASSED! I did pretty well as a matter of fact! Most the day however was spent in horrible pain (I get about a day or two of the worst cramps you could imagine. This has been on going since my monthly curse began). I came home to my amazing roommate preparing a french feast for a friends dinner party. He made extra for me! Such a great guy!

Tomorrow is work and time with Shane. The rest of the week I need to chill. I get so emotionally wrapped up in these math tests as a result Monday was extremely traumatic and anxiety ridden. I'm going to study the next chapter here and there but focus more on coming down some. My fantasticly amazing, smart, beautiful, cool cousin's big one-eight is Sunday. I am excited to spend the weekend kickin it with her. Thursday is drinks with the girls/ roomie/ buddy from anthro class. Things are looking way up since Monday!

Friday, February 4, 2011


Its Friday!
I'm off to the land of Johnny Cash
I am excited to visit Shane in his home turf this weekend
Be back bright and early for Sunday brunch of course.
Hope you all have great weekends!
Got anything fun planned you may want to share?

Ta ta for now!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Love Fest V.1

*Do you see my blog?! Dear god! This is why I blog. Because I am sorry but writing in a journal or on text edit on my mac is just not nearly as adorable as my blog looks. All thanks to the amazing Christina! Go check out her ADORABLE blog. Make sure to look back in the entries cause she had a really fantastic looking wedding!

Here are some people and things I love and appreciate:

+ My kids at work (and my kitties) for reminding me how much joy, fun and pleasure can be found in the simple things. I also appreciate them (and my bosses/co workers who helped train me) for teaching me unbelievable patience I could only learn from them.

+ My family, currently my aunt and cousin. I struggle with math so much and I wouldn't genuinely enjoy this process without their words of encouragement, especially my dearest Avalon!

+ Shane for lightening me up at times. Without him and the kids at work I would forget to play.

+ Girlfriends. Lesley (Jimmy's gal remember?) and Kathy are turning out to be really great lady friends and I love me my Amineh who has been my gal pal since I started community college. Christina whom I mentioned above. I never told you about my hilarious amazing twin that was split from me at birth? Us females really need uber girly time with great ladies.

+ My mom. Simply put.

+ Sweets. Ending a bad day or just any day with something sweet is a must. I don't think I will ever give up sweets. Unless some crazy mean doctor says I'm pre diabetic.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Wedding Fever (Welcome to February!)

Maybe its because I'm in love (blegh, I know)
Maybe its because spring is around the corner (wedding season)
Or, maybe its because there are adorable couples with awesome engagement videos like this.
But I officially am wedding crazy! Aren't weddings just the best party ever?!

I think I am just going to treat this entire month as one big valentimes day.