Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Taking over Midtown

I have been doing a lot of this lately.
Mainly with Joey, my partner in crime, sometimes Rose or a few others like to wreak havoc on Midtown.
It's about time.
I am tired of the hipsters that have invaded Midtown like a pack of rabid rats on bicycles using their Tom's shoes as breaks because they have no others (angry much?)!
I love the loungy, kick back, slow paced, sunny days of Sacramento. When paired with great friends, I realize how much I can stand living here in tree city.
A lovely yet distorted picture of Joey and I.
We both love Reba, which these roses were named after her.
Then Joey had to say "holler" for the 8943 time and ruin our pictures.

So I may have smacked him in the eye a little bit.....on accident!

and he may have choked me back.

Its a scary drag queen on a condam. Random huh?

Matt enjoying (ok, not really) a beer. Joey wanted to go to the gay bar we frequent.
It happened to be their white trash party (hence the lawn chair).

I am really bummed out today. Tip for everyone out there in college. Never start your day off by check your grades. I thought I was doing really well in political science and found out I only got a C! I can't believe it. I am still excited though. Wednesday's are usually my most dreaded day of the week. It is the day that I have to work with the 1 kid that does NOT have autism. He has PDD, which is more behavioral with a slight speech problem. I usually spend the around 4 or so hours with him taking data on his bad behaviors and some how get things done. My company should not be there. All we do is baby sit and help him with homework. Anyway, I typically also spend that time getting my ass kicked by him. Literally. Kicking, hitting, pinching....the works. Its my most stressful day. So I have decreed that Wednesday's are gin and tonic days. So my other friend that works with "challenged" kids, Her roomie Lesley, Matt (pictured above),  and myself are all going for a drink. I love having something to look forward to!

What kinds of things are you looking forward to this week? Do you have any weekday reinforcement to keep going set up like myself?

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Salty slumber party

Joey is so sassy. (he is not really white power, he is just sassy power)

Coffee with the chicks (and Joey).
Got stung in the hand by a bee.
Walked around Midtown with Matt and Joey.
Now, Mooj time with Joey and Matt whilst eating pizza. 
My hand really hurts but I am really stoked right now.
Joey and Raybeez are now best buds. Minus the fact raybeez dug his nail in Joey's back. Its all good though.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Usual antics are not working as they should.

I'm pretty sad. Possibly borderline depressed.
Gin and tonics, silly pictures, and music are not having their usual uplifting effects on me.

raybeez has got me covered

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Joey! *Edit*

You know that awesome guy I posted about Joey? He is my BFF. My now running partner. Partner in crime. Joey just started a blog. He is a great writer and I hope you all go check out his blog!

Hint: Click the picture to go to his blog!!
Joey and I went on a pretty awesome run. Well, really it was a run/walk/sprint. It was a free for all fitness extravaganza if you will. Next time I will be sure joey brings his camera because we some pretty interesting stuff while running. In the end, of course, I murdered my legs doing lunges and leg lifts.

It must have been field trip day because there were classes everywhere. Sutter's Fort, the Capital building. It was sort of over cast and drizzling off and on. Such a beautiful day (I am weird). Today, I thought to myself, I really enjoy living in a Capital city. Deep (ok, not so deep) in my heart I love history and here in Sacramento is the epicenter of California's history. I see all the kids darting around and playing on the Capital lawn having fun, learning history, without even realizing it! Come on, I am sure most of us look fondly on our field trips to places of historic interest. At least I do!

Work was entertaining (I could say entertaining since I am trying to say positive things about work. However, work EFFING SUCKED!). As a result of work being poo I declared Wednesday's as "Gin and tonic day" to ease into the remainder of the week and as an attempt to unwind after all that craziness that is my Wednesday.

I painted my nails yellow and drank wine. Still not sure about the yellow (which I would share with you if my computer were not being a butt). We shall see how I feel about it. Tomorrow is meetings in the office. Thank god this week is almost over. Is it pay day yet?

Happy hump day! (eww)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I've been spending a lot of time downtown

My friend Joey and I have been going on a lot of downtown/Midtown adventures lately.

It was AMGEN. Some crazy 100 mile bike race. I saw them riding on highway 20 
as I was on my way home from Humboldt. These peeps are troopers!!

Did some girl time coffee the other day
Rose and I

This is the back of the witch lady of Sacramento.
She is crazy! She says she is a princess from Spain or something.
She casted a spell on Connie (maybe thats what made her the way she is today)
I love seeing the witch lady and her crazy antics around town

Joey: You look like a lesbian
Random guy walking out of CVS: Thats what I said
Me: What the?!

Mid week (not even) posts are so random! Everyone in blogger world and real world is pregnant. STOP IT! I can't take all these babies anymore. Besides, I don't wear maternity clothes! Maybe babies is another thing I have to force myself to get excited about for other people like I do weddings.

I don't want to go to work tomorrow. 
I started running again because I am hell bent on getting into ballerina shape (even a little bit more).
I am really excited for the semester's end picnic on Sunday
I am really excited for slumber party at Joey's Saturday. He has never seen House of 1000 Corpses or Devils Rejects. I expect to hear some of his squawk like screaming.

This is what I think of super sneaky Skype meetings.

Sunday, May 16, 2010


So my visit to Humboldt ended up really terrible.
Sometimes things don't work out as you plan.
People change.
It happens.
I hold no grudges.
Slowly I am getting to the point of letting go with love.
Went to the ballet today. It was pretty amazing. two of the pieces were like watching ballet SEX! God it was fantastic! I love seeing dance like that. I love intensity. Maybe this is life pushing me to remembering that I have the ability of being a deep, passionate and intense person. I looked pretty pretty though! I would say one of the best dressed at the event.
Pink jacket from a thrift store. Dress from forever 21 ages ago.

Sunglasses on my head.
I felt very 60s tonight. I love getting dressed up. I wish I worked a job that I could wear dresses. I would wear them everyday. I have been having the worst luck with shoes lately. I have blisters from 2 separate pairs! Of course I will still wear them. I will just take preventative measures next time I wear them. The week is starting so that means shoes that allow for running after the kids at work!

I really want to blog about this boy I am dating. First off, he is really amazing. I am trying so hard to be hopeful about the situation. If it works out I will write about the story because it is kind of epic( I think I will write about it even if it doesn't. I am pretty grateful to have experienced this in my life time). I am mildly stressing that I need to take my hands off the wheel and let things happen a little more. This ordeal sort of makes me realize how much I have changed as a person due to past relationships. How unemotional I have been conditioned to be. I used to be so unabashedly hopeful and open with people in general and have toned down my passion and intensity as a result. I have this great capacity to be really deep and emotional. However, the second I let someone see that part of me I want to hide and get scared and embarrassed due to past experiences of people, especially men, telling me I was crazy or weird. 

My new personal goal is to allow myself to be that person again. I would like to reconnect with that girl and be unforgiving about it. If someone doesn't like that I asked a lot of questions and talk about things in some deep and creative sort of way then never mind them! I truly am a crazy imaginative artist type. So what!

Friday, May 14, 2010

Day 1 (Humboldt)

Day 1 consisted of a lot of driving. It was a nice day however. So nice in fact, my left arm is sun burnt and my other is perfectly milky white. I hate it when I am uneven!!!

I wrote Florence Nightingale quotes on the box

Her reaction was amazing! I couldn't have asked for better.
I got her a necklace. That store is friggin expensive. She deserves it though.
Goat cheese cakes. Soooo Delicious! Sorry for the dark pic.

Cleaning her apartment and drinking coffee at almost 12am.
Dad couldn't know that she is actually a SLOB!

Today is her graduation/pinning from HSU Nursing school. Her dad came into town early early this morning. Thankfully he is staying at a hotel unexpectedly so I get a little place to chill with her after festivities. He is kinda intimidating as well. The man has been in every brand of the military except Army, a Vietnam vet and from the south. With the most adorable accent. He is warmin' up to me....after 10 YEARS of knowing his daughter.
I am hoping all goes smooth and well.
No rest for the wicked however.
I don't really care for Humboldt.
Especially the people.
Time to do Connie's make up!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I am hiding

Because its finals.
I am so busy at work.
Tomorrow I am leaving for Humboldt to see my big sis graduate from nursing school.
I am pretty excited about it.
Here is a small post for now to tide you over.
I plan on sharing pictures and stories from Humboldt adventures when I get back.
I promise to take LOTS AND LOTS of pictures!
Back to studying political science now!!!
(Hi to the 2 new followers! I am glad to have ya!)

Isn't she the greatest?!

Duck face is not ok.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Resolution! Day 1

Many moons ago I decided to make a resolution to wear more dresses. For many years I was very much a tom boy. This spawned entirely out of having mostly male friends bitching at me to hurry up and get ready. Over time this bitching dwindled my prep time to something like 10 or 20 mins. Not much has changed there, just my choices in what I wear, hair, make up etc. 

My newest resolution is this: Wear every pair of heels/wedges I own at least once.

I have a guilty pleasure TV show, Ghost Whisperer. I love it! While watching an episode I noticed Jennifer Love Hewitt, who was walking in heels through grass, almost roll her ankle and completely eat it. After a second viewing of this moment I noticed from the waist up, she showed no expression! She just kept on walking, acting, and kickin' ass. I was inspired. I don't have a very impressive heel collection. I would love to add more non black items (which goes for most my wardrobe). A sub resolution is also to wear earrings (accessorize in general really). I have been asked, by two separate people, why I don't ever wear earrings.

Notice I am wearing earrings?!
Some cheap-o black espadrilles (which I think I will trash)

I am so excited with life right now. So many amazing things are happening. I have a few really great girl friends I have been spending a lot of time with. I went shopping with the lovely Rose and her awesome mom today. Then had lunch with her and Joey (our honorary girl friend).
So fantastic! 
Some other really really REALLY amazing something happened. That, sadly, I will not write about.
I am so nervous to see how it unfolds and develops. Would be a dream come true if it all works out.


I am silly.
I have now publicly admitted that I have not updated my blog in some time.
Jesus is a code name for a boy who is not in fact Jesus.
Megan Fox is the new word for bitch.
So many amazing and unbelievable things are happening in my life right now I can't even breath anymore.
Sometimes... I really can't due to Sacramento and its lovely seasonal allergies of DEATH!

Monday, May 3, 2010

English With Ease.

Friday: I went to the gay club (my favorite place to go dancing. Good music and no worry about skeezy guys trying to dance with you equal my fav.). We celebrated my friends induction into the "Mother Fucking Therapist" land (she passed her MFT test!!). I had a blast.

It was a "white party". It was hard pulling together all that white.
 Realized I don't have very much.

Then a boy and I decided to take a super spontaneous trip to SF.
The most spontaneous trip I have had in quite some time.
Of course we went to the ocean.

Someone was blowing a ton of bubbles and I was chasing after them.

Went to the palace of fine arts to do the "Dance nadya dance! let us be children of the night" 
scene from So I Married an Ax Murder.

Went and played at my play ground in Corte Madera. Ate delicious middle eastern food in San Rafael. 
I also had a Carmel-gasim at this delicious dessert place. 
All in all it was a pretty fantastic weekend.
I wish I had more photos to share from the in between parts.
But these will do.
So far this week I over slept and missed my ballet final
Thankfully I can do it Wednesday.