Saturday, August 29, 2015

Degrees of Light

"You don't need the Temple to have a happy marriage", was advice we received early in our engagement from a bishop. I remember sitting there, mind blown wondering, "why a bishop would seemingly discourage temple marriage." Now I get it. Of course in retrospect, on the very day my divorce is final, it all is perfectly clear.

As a convert I wavered with this temple thing. What was so great about it?! Why does getting married, or being "sealed", make any difference. At some point I thought, "Maybe being sealed does make marriages easier". At least thats what I was taught the past four years. If you get married in the "right place" at the "right time" You'll have a spiritual leg up on the marriage game.

My bubble was soon burst, as I realized that the Bishop was right. Just because one, or even both, parties may be attending church or going to the temple does not guarantee happiness. You don't need the church, or the temple, or a sealing to be happy. What helps is the Gospel and a close relationship with God.

People let you down, things don't turn out like you expected, life isn't static. It's when I was following the guidance of my Heavenly Father that I felt peace and happiness amidst such darkness. I still have so much to figure out. I'm not perfect, or a genius, nor do I have even some of the answers; but welcome to my journey anyhow.

*Freeze Update*
I inventoried my finances; both the output and income
I narrowed down my bills and expenses
Lastly, I'm working on establishing a weekly/monthly budget

Thursday, August 20, 2015


As a recent graduate, times are getting tight. Those loans are starting to come in and graduate school is on the horizon. Sometimes I need a"come to Jesus" talk to set me straight. So for 30 days I plan on only spending money on the necessities. My generation has a terrible habit of spending outside their means, and I am no exception to that. My ultimate goal is stability and not living paycheck to paycheck. Most people my age, especially college grads, could hardly dream of having a savings. Therefore, my greatest hope is to be able to save...for my dream vacay to Croatia! Ok, not really for traveling, for emergencies. Thats more adult, right?

First things first, I need to set short term goals and guidelines. Small victories led us to success:

  • Goal 1: Inventory my income and expenses
  • Narrow my financial categories: Bills, food, gas, etc...
  • Set a weekly and monthly budget
Stay tuned and wish me luck!

Monday, August 17, 2015

Don't Stop Posting

I'm not dead.

Its surprising that I'm not. I should be half way to the spirit world after the year I've had, #rollercoaster. That being said, I received a comment saying "don't stop posting", just as I was contemplating restarting my blog. That comment was an answer to lots of prayers. After much contemplations (and playing with to make my blog fresh and new), I decided to hop back on the blogging wagon.

Welcome to Home Sweet Home: the relaunch.

I thought it would be helpful to introduce myself. My name is Caitlin. I live in Northern California. I LOVE American history and recently graduated college with my BA. Nordstrom and the mountains are my happy place.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

How 19 year olds Changed My Life Forever

I haven't blogged in awhile. I just assume give up blogging in general. Part of it is because I have so much anxiety around sharing my thoughts and feelings about my involvement in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. But I was inspired today to share. It literally landed on my door step.

I miss my elders. When I got baptized I didn't really think it was this huge deal. It wasn't this great turning point at the time. At least I didn't realize that it was until I was preparing to enter the temple and one of my elders was in town visiting. We were sitting in church and I just emotionally couldn't hold it together. My heart was so full of so many emotions; joy, relief, fear, anxiety, sadness. You must know though I HATE crying in public. So I was trying really hard to hold it together. I turned to see Elder Blair and just hugged him. I swear I sank into his shoulder and cried. It felt so warm and loving. I feel like I was hugging an angel. It clicked that if it were not for that baptism I wouldn't be receiving the comfort and strength I needed at that moment.

I sit here tonight missing them like family. Like brothers. I hope to always be friends and be in each others lives. I hope that everyone in the world, no matter what their circumstances are, can experience the love, comfort, and joy that the gospel delivers. If you read this boys, I love you to the depths of my soul and always will. See? Missionaries aren't so bad. Give em a wave next time you see them and find out.

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Water Family

A little history to help explain this post:

I come from a stereotypical divorced and dysfunctional family. My parents divorced when I was 2 and its been ugly ever since. I got bounced around houses only to be mainly raised by either set of grandparents (not complaining I love/loved them). My Dad, even though I unconditionally love him, has not been around most my life.

Some of you may relate to this...

I have had many fathers, sisters, mothers, grandmothers, grandfathers. In that sense I have been blessed. None of those people were of blood relation. You see when you don't have examples of how to go to school, get a job, or make good choices you tend to look for them outside of your immediate family unit. I have sisters that are incredibly intelligent and beautiful. I learned how to put on make up, do my hair, and all those other girly things from my "sisters". I know its possible to be a real ballerina and a sassy happy housewife from my "sister". You can never learn enough or have enough books or lemons in your water. I learned how to push myself physically by going on bike rides and how to "put my man pants on" after running over a snake with said bike from my "big brother".
The best part of all this was when I recently went with my Dad and step mom to a motocross awards ceremony. I watched my dad mingle with all these hilarious old guys. I asked him how long he had known this one guy in particular. When he responded "35 years" I realized, I was sitting in the midst of his water family. I felt like it brought us closer. We both had rough childhoods so we both found our family.
My aunt told me that when our family isn't there for us or supportive we find our water family. I found mine. I love mine. I always will. I only hope I can be a sister/daughter/granddaughter in return.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's Mid January and I'm Goin There!

This cotton candy reminds me of a certain blogger friend found via

Valentines day! Thats right. For you coupled folks I'm sure you can't wait. For us single ladies, at least for this one, I kind of dread it. One of my boyfriends of old didn't realize how insane this fake Hallmark holiday really was and tried to make dinner reservations the week of! Poor guy is scarred for life.

As I window shop around my slice of the world I am seeing more and more bikinis and valentines day shwag. My thoughts turn to love for the single girls. Instead of letting some panic creep in that I need to get a date for the day of I decided I just need to surround myself with love and attention for myself and my favorites.

Goals leading up to Valentines day

  • Craft a heartfelt garland
  • bake something yummy for my favorite people
  • Have some beauty time to myself
  • Add some flair to my space
What are you feelings on the big V day?

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Makes Me Happy: Snow

Necklace: Urban Outfitters

Boots/socks: Hunter Jeans: Old Navy Sweater: Gap  Chambray shirt: Target

It is said that I enjoy snow and toy with living in it because I've never shoveled it. That may be true. But it doesn't make me love the snow any less. My friend and I took a short jaunt to the snow last Saturday. At the first sight I was itching to get out of the car and play!

Snow is magical.