Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let it Snow

Shane and I visited his sister who lives in Tahoe a few days after Christmas. It was fantastic! Sadly, we had to head home earlier than planned because I am a ruiner of most things and got sick. I feel so lucky to have found a guy with such a great family. We are welcome back whenever we want. Hopefully before math homework takes up my weekends we will make the trek back.
The drive up was BEAUTIFUL! It was the perfect day to go.

We cannot take credit for the making of the snowman

A goof ball such as myself. 

Snow angels!!!

I had such a fantastic time! I feel much better health wise than I have the past two days. I am hoping to be right as rain by Friday for the NYE pie party I am having inspired by these guys. Tomorrow is jam packed with stuff to do. Pre party cleaning, planning my outfit, researching recipes and shopping for them. I love being a hostess! Hope you all have fantastic new years!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"I Felt It"

I had a lovely niece/aunt date this evening. My aunt came up to Sacramento from Davis so we could talk to admissions at Sac State, which was extremely helpful. After that my aunt took me to see "Black Swan" the amazing ballet movie that is currently out. Let my say WOW! So amazing. I suggest for everyone and any one to check it out. I don't want to say a thing because its just that riveting and I don't want to spoil it. I will say two things however:

1) I love the ballerina style! I have personally experienced how this is created but it just looks so fantastic in the movie. When you start going to classes you dress to impress, nice and clean and sleek. The further into the semester or whatever we all seem to turn into "slubby" ballerina's, especially when its cold! Which it looks that way in the movie.

Knit wear is by far my favorite thing about ballet (of course aside from the dancing itself).

 2) I LOVE BALLET! I love to dance it, watch it, sleep it. I have been taking ballet off and on since I was little. Sadly, my grandparents were the only ones who pushed me. Now later in life I have really found my niche in ballet. I held my own in intermediate last semester and really excelled as far as I could in that class. I am now on the search for a studio to go even further. If I were to have a bucket list getting to pointe would be at the top! This movie really inspired me to keep at it.

Now stop reading blogs and go see this movie!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas...

Christmas has arrived in my house! All thanks to my hero boyfriend. This weekend has been so packed with things to do. Saturday we drove down to Santa Cruz area to pick up car parts (blegh). Since we were close we visited my Baba and Shane got to meet her. I picked up some lights, tree decorations and a few chairs. My Baba had some of her "ladies" over. They were impressed by my knitting skills. However, both ladies were wearing the most gorgeous sweaters hand knit by themselves of course. On the way home Shane and I stopped and picked up a tree. He helped me decorate it a little. I love walking into my house and it smells like Christmas! This week will be the first of my school break I'm off until the 15th. Its going to be weird just working. Hopefully I can pick up some extra hours. I am excited for Christmas. I still have a few things I need to finish up and wrap/ship. Tonight I went and saw Shane's band play. They are pretty good. My right ear is still ringing so bad! More on that later. Nighty night!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

My door. Got the wreath in the $1 section at Target and the bow for 99 cents at Kmart.
When I was very young my mom gave up on the entire holiday thing. I don't recall my mom ever saying there was no santa or anything like that. She just stopped getting a Christmas tree and doing the decorating thing. This includes halloween and every other festive type event. So basically after years of grinchiness holiday seasons I made a vow that when I moved out I would decorate for every holiday I could. Yes, its so bad that I currently am contemplating my valentines day decor. I've been slow at getting a tree, however, BF and I are going to pick one up tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Still not sure where to put it (I have a ton of room so it shouldn't be a problem).
 This is also going to be the first christmas I will spend with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I am really excited about it. Its about time! On the flip side I am sad that I wont be making it up to Oregon to spend time with my dad. I am just too chicken shit to drive through that snow by myself. I sent out Christmas cards following suit from my dad. Let me tell you, sending thank you notes or holiday cards is a lost art and is a fantastic personal touch. I think I may actually invest some money on various cards to send. My mom texted me after she got hers and said "getting your xmas card was the best part of my week." It makes me feel fantastic that I can make someone smile with just a personal note. Especially in this world of impersonal emails.

Today was my last final of fall semester. I feel it went really well. It was a little sad since I enjoyed the class and the professor so much. She said thank you to me as I was leaving and I stopped her and said "No! Thank you! I really enjoyed this class and you are a fabulous professor!" I like giving kudos when they are due. I find professors, and educators in general, who truly care about what and who they are teaching to be few and far between. Break has now begun and I have a whole bunch of crafts and fun things planned for my down time. I am seriously excited!! Thinks are lookin up!
Hope you all have a fantastic fun filled weekend!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving my mom, Joey and I made the trek down to the bay and had dinner with my family at my aunt and uncles house. I love going down there. I love being back in my baba's (grandma in russian) house. The second I get over the bay bridge I instantly feel at home. You'd think in such a huge city it would be hard to get that hometown feeling, but I completely do. I am so excited to go back for Christmas.

The apple pie I made from scratch. So delicious!
My cousins, baba and uncle
My baba is fantastic. Her decision to stop dying her hair I Love Lucy red made huge waves in the family. She is known for that red hair. I can't wait to see her again!
My cousin and Joey
My uncle Joe is an amazing piano player. I sat next to him and played Heart and Soul. Then while he played classical pieces I pretended to be the one playing. It was funny. Or at least I thought so!
I made some delicious irish coffee. 

This week is going to be fantastic! I can't wait for it to really get going. Meeting with college counselors tomorrow to talk about my options. Wednesday is dinner with my family in Davis. Its a big deal since their meeting my boooyfriend! I am still getting used to it myself.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Carving pumpkins at my friend Joey's house.

Turns out white pumpkins are more difficult to carve. At least mine was.

Shane could barely fit his hand into his pumpkin

Not a posed picture. Zombies eat cupcakes sometimes too!

Dexter (Jimmy), and a few of his victims ( his GF Lesley and their roommate Kathy)

 Blood was dripping everywhere. Comes out with some 409 much better than real blood!

My best friend teaching me how girls walk "sway back"

My halloween was mellow but really fun! I decorated my house using almost entirely Martha Stewart tutorials (maybe I am developing an addiction to that ladies tutorials?). I think zombie is going to be my default halloween costume. However next years is already in the works and is not zombie related. Still quite bloody though! Saturday I went to my friends christmas party. Lots of fun! We had a "dance fight". Basically choreographed fighting. Its pretty silly. Pictures to come! Hope you all have a great start to your week!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Slowly but Surely.

I am making my place a little more home.
I made this fun pom pom out of tissue paper in about 5 mins. Its not as clean as Martha's of course, but the next few should get better. Ideally I'd like to do many different sizes and heights around the mirror. I love having a girly place to get ready. Find the tutorial here

I also found this adorable TV tray at the Folsom Goodwill for a whopping $4!! Its adorable and the print is something to be expected from Folsom. I foresee many shopping trips up there for household items.
Sorry for the crap pictures.
Right now this beaut. is acting as a little side table by my door. Updates:
 I had a fantastic Thanksgiving with my family in the bay
 Enjoyed a relaxing weekend with my man friend (met his whole fam!)
 Will be without internet for a hot min. (sort of, going to be using public at least)

Finals week is around the corner. I am all signed up for my classes for next semester. I am ready for school to be on the back burner for at least a few weeks. I have a lot planned for this winter and I can't wait to dig in! Hope you all had great weekends.

Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm thinking about fashion right now. There are few things I still feel completely lost, confused, out of the loop on...

Belts. What the hell are you supposed to do with them?! I see them. I LOVE them. I understand they are supposed to be used to make your waist look all little. Every time I go to a store I peruse the belt section. I check em out, think of what I have at home that may work with them, and then walk away empty handed. Not to mention, I have dropped 2 sizes (10 to a 6! I am really proud I worked hard) yet I still have a bad habit of picking up a size or two too large.

Accessories. I don't know how to do them. My mom and grandma both wear a TON of jewelry. I think as a result I am paranoid I am going to look like some Jersey shore trash if I wear too much. So I just opt out completely. I, again, see outfits put together and plan on buying a necklace or just one or two pieces every time. But when I am confronted with the sea of options out there I have no idea where to go!

 Does anyone else have this problem? Hope you all aren't too stuffed from Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Movin On Up!

Jacket: again with the cousin present. Tulle.
Hoodie: Ralph Lauren. X-mas present from my pop
Mustard T-shirt: Gap on sale for something like $5!
Skinnies: Gap. $60. Pricey but I LOVE them
Boots: Lohmans. $80
Scarf: hand knit by yours truely!

I recently came across some fashion inspiration. I don't remember where I saw it. A girl wore this scarf that looked like a bow. I was pretty proud of myself for figuring out how to duplicate the look on my own. Looking back I have come a long way considering my fashion sense. I should post some pictures of how much its changed (it would at least be a laugh for me to see in one spot). I love cold weather because I feel you can experiment more with clothing. Here in California it gets so hot its difficult, at least for me, to do something when you don't feel like wearing any clothes.

So much work to do. I need to do a ton of research for my primate culture term paper and finish up my map assignment. When I put it like that it doesn't seem like a lot of work. But man, that term paper. The compiling of the research is whats kickin' my butt.

I am looking forward to break. Hopefully work some more. I want to spend some time making my place a home before spring semester starts. I feel it needs it. Brining my bubby Raybeez home will make everything so much better! I miss him more than ever! He is so cuddly and its so cold!

I have pre-bought tickets for the Harry Potter premier in honor of my dear friends birthday celebration. I am so so very excited. I may go crab fishing on Saturday with my new beau's dad (yeah, he is great. Things thus far are pretty incredible).

Gussy Up for the Monkey's

Jacket: Tulle. Bestest B-day gift eveR! Thanks cuz!
Stripy top: Old navy sale. Don't remember price
Ruffle shell: Banana Republic on sale for $15!!
Black pant: Gap outlet daaays ago.
Belt: Forever 21 about $5
Ridding boots: Lohmans $80 something

I got all fancy the other day to go observe the monkey's at the the Sacramento zoo. I had so much fun! My favorite were the Sifaka (shee-fa-ka). They are smaller than they looked in the pictures. The one Sifaka was sitting there resting his head on his hand and looking out into space as if in wise contemplation. They are very slow moving. Reminded me of a buddhist monk.

I had a great run today. I just had this burst of energy and booked it the entire 2 miles straight. My run tonight was sort of magical. Since its been getting darker earlier runners around the park have taken to carrying little lights. The lights bounce as people jog or walk. Come Wednesday I can't wait to bust out my light and join the party.

I have so much school work to do. Thursday is a big anthropology test. My zoo project is also due the same day. Next Friday my anthropology term paper is due and I have a stuuupid map assignment due in western civilization too.

I'll have time to relax when winter break sets in...or when I'm dead. haha.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

First There was Carving

*I've learned that white pumpkins have thick walls and are incredibly hard to cut through.
*Pumpkin gut fights always end badly
*Maybe I should have cut up the baby pumpkin. Since I have smaller hands than Shane.
I had a blast at Joey's carving pumpkins. Joey lately has become one of my very best friends. We had a little break awhile back. I felt really proud of myself to be able to sit down and address everything and start fresh. I dare say maybe even a little bit adult. Growing up is so awkward and weird. I still feel like I am my 19 year old self sometimes. Then remember I am 25. An entire new set of responsibilities arise. I pay rent, have to take care of my space, people (kids) count on me to be at work everyday. Its bittersweet. One chapter closes another opens. I take pleasure in the moments I do notice my adult self growing and I get such a glowing pride in it. So much is going on so I have been terrible at updating this thing. I intend on breaking that habit. I love writing it helps me. Damn who likes or dislikes what I write. I enjoy it.

Hope everyone has a great Monday!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Letter to Myself

- Times have been tough lately. Particularly with school. I love that I wrote this almost a year or so ago to myself. Every time I am cleaning out my computer I come across this letter and it makes me feel better-

Dear Caitlin,
 You are pretty amazing. When I look at pictures of you I see the light of the world. You are extremely ambitious and that is fantastic! When you set your mind to something you go for it no holds bar and that is truly an admirable quality. You work so hard to be the best person you could ever be. You work so hard to learn from every aspect of life the good and the bad. As a result of this fact I feel that you are completely courageous! I would award you a medal of valor! You get so upset because you feel that life would be so much easier if you were blind to certain facts and truths about the world and society, you get so down on yourself trying to blind yourself from these things. Stop! You should be proud that you see what so many others cannot. Sure its a burden to be carried heavily, but you were born to fight for those who are unable to fight for themselves. Maybe you don't write a book like you thought you would in 8th grade creative writing class. But you will amount to something as a result of your whole hearted effort. Regardless of who is at your side. You are extremely strong, that is a blessing in disguise I know, but you must believe it is a very good quality that you posses.

You should be proud of the body you have. You are in the best shape you have been in since you were a kid! You quit smoking all by yourself! That takes a lot of strength, determination and discipline! So many have failed at doing just that, but you did it! Not to mention you run all the time. Don't get so down on yourself for the amount you do. Consider it against what you used to do…NOTHING! Don't be so concerned with the future. Just enjoy right now. Work on you and your relationship with god(or whoever). Work on having hope and faith and letting go of the reins. Go with the flow! Everything is going to be ok. Even when the worst events happened in your life you lived! It is true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger( I promise!). Hold on to hope for the future! You were rewarded once before, maybe you will be rewarded again the second you completely stop thinking about EVERYTHING so much.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Products that Actually Work: Bare Escentuals

As promised I am going to start on my series of product reviews. I am starting with my daily foundation. Bare Escentuals.

I have been around make up most my life. Especially my years spent as a make up artist. I can whip up a photoshoot appropriate foundation for just about anyone. However, I have always had a hard time finding the right foundation for myself. I found it!

I am freaking in love with this stuff. I used some of my moms foundation years ago and thought it was too light of coverage for me and wrote it off. How. Dare. I. I use the original in medium beige. This particular product has a tad shine to it. I do like it however I regret not buying the new matte. I like to control how much shimmer I have and where it ends up. Next time around I will definitely pick up the matte. For now I have been using the Mineral Veil when I feel overly shimmery.

The brush I was using was stolen from my mom. There are times when I wish the coverage could be a little bit heavier or wished I could target certain problem areas. Just the other day I went in to buy a new brush. When the lady suggested using a brush I have only known to be used for liquid foundation I (literally) looked at her like she was crazy. This brush is fantastic! I had one just like it at home already so I didn't buy the BE one. I highly recommend this brush. I've been using it on blemishes and under the eye.

Have any of you tried this product? What was your experience? Was it positive or negative?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dropping a Note

I have had plans to a fantastic post about some products I use that actually work. That should be going up this week.
Friday I went on an unexpected date. We mini golfed. It was so much fun!

Outfit for the show:
Dress: F21
Tights: Marshalls (sadly ripped and now trash)
Shoes(not visible): Ross

Saturday I went to a friends fashion show. I have never opened so many bottles of wine before ( I helped man the wine table)

Today, I have been nursing my poor feet from dancing and walking all over the place in my heels and myself, I've been a little sick over the weekend. I also made face time at the Walk for Autism where my company had a booth. It was actually really exciting! The boy I went on a date with came with me.

Tomorrow is a work holiday. Still have stupid class. I am expecting a very relaxing and productive day.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Oh, Just Setting World Records.

So on Sunday my family and I helped Davis set a world record for the biggest bike parade. It was so much fun let me tell you! I feel so lucky to finally have family I can share in these memories with. My aunt was ecstatic! She has a laundry list of health problems, very painful ones, and in previous years she wouldn't be able to partake in events like these. I have to say thanks to her recumbent bike she is ready to take over the world! I had so much fun! We had to stay in a single file line and wear bibs with microchips in them so we could be officially counted! It was a pretty quick loop around Davis but so much fun! Afterward there was music and food. So. Much. Fun!

My amazing cousin Avalon

Waiting to get going. 

My fantastic aunt! Me in the background making silly faces.

Two Mee's and a Harder. This is heaven.

Cousin had low air in her tires.

My aunt and her guy my uncle Paul

Single file bike line!