Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Thanksgiving

Oh crazy times were afoot for Turkey day.
Went to the bay area. I neglected to inform Aaron that my family was nuts. I was so caught up in some fantasy world and forgot the reality that is my insane family. My grandma is redoing her kitchen (perfect timing!). Well my uncle fired the guy who was doing the kitchen for him as a favor because everything he was doing was not up to code. So the kitchen wasn't even close to being finished. I have my mom and my Baba in the kitchen yelling. My mom is the youngest of 4 kids and insists at age 53 to still talk over people to maintain the center of attention like the baby would. So basically it was chaos the entire time there. Managed to pump out 2 pumpkin pies, mashed potatoes and a baked brie wheel with brown sugar and pecans tossed in brandy.

We decided to go back to Sacramento early. I had enough of them, and Aaron said he was sick of seeing me so upset over my mom being a douche. Went to my girlfriend Erin's house for a post turkey day cocktail which turned into me getting completely wasted. Aaron says I went from crying over hearing new information about a friend who recently killed himself, to happy crying, to carrying his medium sized Austrailian Cattle doggie Kadee down the hall saying "lookit". Craaazy town. That was my once a year annihilate. I occasionally get drunk but never lose control like that.

I am really excited to switch campus'. I am taking a poli sci. class and a ballet class I am super excited about. I feel like the work outs I am doing (running and hitting the gym) are really bulking me up. The ballet is fabulous for tone and lengthening. It's Aaron's roommates birthday and we are going to sushi. I am excited. but I am going to rest until then. Super hung over. Too bad I have no pictures from Thanksgiving. I will be sure to have some for my next post.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Holidays and houses

Lately things have been particularly stressful. Aaron started moving into his house a few weeks ago and it has just been one hell of a roller coaster ride. It starts with the sellers being horrible! It's all just little things. I have been spending so much time hanging out with Aaron on Home Depot runs and such I neglected my homework. So as of right now I am hiding in my house getting as much done before the holidays.
My mom, Aaron and I (and my moms two dogs) are going to the South Bay to have thanksgiving with my family. It was so cute that my Baba (grandma in Russian) invited him! I need to get my bangs trimmed before I go down and clean my car. Sadly, I have class on Tuesday so that really eats a lot of time I could have been spending preparing for the trip. I never really realized why a 2 hour drive needed so much preparation. On top of it all I am cooking a few things. Now I did this to myself by offering it up in order not be stuck eating a bunch of Costco food. I am making mashed potatoes, a glazed brie wheel, and apple butter pumpkin pie.

My friend Erin's birthday party at a skating rink. I was helping my favorite little girl (Erins daughter Kathryn) learn to roller skate.

Aaron and I. We went on a trip to Apple hill not too long ago
My coolest cousin Avalon. My mom, Aaron and I went to her clarinet concert. It was amazing!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Your not gunna like this...

Were the words I heard the moment I stepped out the door this very chilly morning. My bf informed me that someone had, most likely, accidentally knocked off my drivers side window. Honestly wasn't that pissed about it. I just thank goodness my car hadn't been broken into. We woke up early because we had to go over to the new house to be there for the fridge delivery. My boyfriend is buying his first house. Boy has that been a roller coaster if I've ever seen one. The fridge is pretty sweet though I must say.
I am hoping today to get as much homework done as possible. This weekend is going to be busy! I am behind in drawing and reading for my ethics class. Lord, don't get me started on my math homework. Saturday I am going to introduce Aaron (my boyfriend) to my aunt, uncle and cousin. they are new in my life. My aunt is from my dads side and I hadn't seen her since I was at least 2 or so. Come to find out she was living 20 mins away from us for 10 years and I didn't know it. Probably going to be the most influential person in my life to date. She is a psychologist and all around amazing person. Anyway, we are going to the Davis farmers market. I love farmers markets. I am really excited about it.
Well, I should get cracking on my drawing. Hopefully Aaron only has to work a few hours and then we can go to West Elm to look at these fabulous curtains. I love this, its like playing house. I can't recall the last time I was so happy!

First post ever!

So, I have tried out blogs before and had a Livejournal in the past. I am very much over Livejournal, however I do enjoy some of the groups. I don't have an outlet to just write my thoughts down and feel like I want to have a place again. Especially since so many new and exciting things are going on in my life. Firstly, I should introduce myself.
My name is Caitlin. I live in Sacramento, CA. I am a full time student majoring in psychology at city college right now. I just started dating a pretty amazing man( I hadn't dated any of those in the past...mainly boys). I quit smoking ciggerettes in June and haven't looked back since. As a way to keep myself from smoking I started running no less than a mile 3 times a week. I am trying to loose at least 20 pounds. So that is a topic I would like to chronical in this here blog. With the holidays coming up things should get pretty interesting.

This is me by the way: