Sunday, January 22, 2012

As of Late

School started. For some reason I didn't realize, or was not yet willing to accept, that this is actually my LAST semester at community college!!! But its sunk in and I've never been so relaxed concerning school. I've achieved good grades in math last semester I can do it again. I am honestly nervous about my sign language class but when I truly think about it I LOVE ASL!! I wouldn't be opposed to continue my education and possibly get certified to interpret. Its been raining a ton (which means snow!! yay!!) so I finally got to wear my spiffy green Hunters.
Every Sunday I find myself kind of excited for at least one or two things in the upcoming week. Little victories! Hope you all have a fantastic week as well!

Monday, January 9, 2012

Year round resolutions

I don't believe in new year resolutions. I think people who make them typically set themselves up for failure (not on purpose of course). I agree that we can use the new year to start fresh. I like the idea of starting out with a fresh positive attitude or out look. I haven't made any new year resolutions. I have tacked on a few small baby step goals to ones I have been trying to do for the past year. Number one: get into a healthy habit routine again. Around the time I met Shane I was really doing great working out and eating healthy, at least on the week days. But it all worked well for me. I didn't even have a gym membership. I am all for loving the body we have currently. However, I just know I am happiest when I am a little more fit than I currently am. My healthy eating and work out schedule is a little too sporadic right now. Although I happen to have a roommate that is as interested in eating well and working out as I am. I know what happens when I pair up with people. And it typically isn't the best. I like the company but I get too immeshed with the fact that they need to be doing runs or eating right with me. I need to get back to doing all this completely for myself. What I am most proud of is that I am not scouring the web for "thinspiration" or trying to obtain something unachievable. I have my own little "healthsperation" right here... and its all me!

on a hike

Finishing my first 5K

I'm also never going to cut my hair again. Must. Grow. Long!!!

How about you all out there? Continuing any goals? How do you plan on making this year more productive than the last?