Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wednesday Adams

When I was younger I used to get a ton of compliments on A. my Sheerly Temple curls (which I secretly miss). when I went into my grandma's hair salon all the older ladies would touch it and say how curly and thick it was. Kinda creeped me out a tad, I always envisioned them trying to steal my hair. And B. my lips. My ex's mom asked me when I was a mere 19 years old if I had them "done".

Then I was getting my hair done the other week and another stylist complimented me on their shape. I really do love them. Sometimes I forget how unique and old world they are. I see my face sometimes and instantly know I was not meant to be a part of this century. I was so meant for the 20s! With some fierce finger waves and my lip shape I coulda been the bee's knee's baby!

That, and now that my hair is longer, when I braid it, I feel a little like Wednesday Adams.

Monday, April 26, 2010

If I were a millionaire I would buy the shit outta you!

I will most likely buy this one.

Possibly this one as well.

Stupid Anthropologie taunting me with their fabulous fashions at prices I can't afford.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ever Get the Feeling You've Been Cheated? (Edited)

I sure have.
I had an amazing day yesterday! Sacramento was completely beautiful (Am I right or am I right fellow Sactoe's?). I went in the morning and took my math test (Which I think I did so so on). Met up with Rose and Amineh for coffee and had the best girl talk I have had in quite sometime to say the least! (warning boys: shield your eyes!) We talked about everything from strategy for shaving your knee to boys and periods! I love being reminded that I LOVE being a girl. In celebration of this I went and did some minor shopping. I need a few new dresses from Connie's Grad events in 3 weeks or maybe some new shoes to pair with "old" dresses.  I got an adorable top which I wore on my date last night.
Top: Marshalls Jeans: Gap Shoes: back in the day Macy's
I even wore my sparkley flats to brighten my day. Today I went to the farmers market with Amineh and scores some pretty some veggies and stuff. Got some really pretty poppies, I love fresh flowers on my desk. Today is going to be so lovely. Of course my plans are to be held up in my room catching up on poli sci reading. Tomorrow starts a more regular work schedule. No more in office training, it will all be in field and hands on. I am a ball of different emotions about it; excited, nervous, happy, scared, ready to go and at the same time not. We shall see!!
My cats insist on eating my chive's. 

Tried on at Marshalls. Felt it was a little too plain and I was too lazy to think of how to spice it up.
Plus it was a little too big and 50 bucks. I'd love a yellow dress though.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday.

Should take my math test today. I am going to refresh my memory on it a little today and maybe take the test tomorrow. Which will work because thats when my actual class is (Saturdays) so my professor will be there to help if needed. Tonight I'm going to a show with some friends. The Depraved Hearts. Its a bunch of law students from UCD that formed a band. Its really nerdy, in which case makes me like the band more. They do all covers and its pretty awesome. Work first though. I have a feeling its going to be a really laid back mellow kinda day.

1.  One song that always takes me back to my youth is    Criminal came on at the bar the other night and I totally was reminded of 5th grade. However, Cock Sparrer, pictures on the wall by phyllis dillon and any alton ellis super takes me back as well  .

2.  My first concert ever was     Cock Sparrer .

3.  If I could create my dream music festival I'd want these bands to be there:     The Who, The Police, Santana (old), Steely Dan, CSNY, Heart, Phyllis Dillon, Talking heads... so many.

4.  The best make-out/"boot knocking" song ever is      Green onions by booker T and the MG's. Its just such a sexy song   .

5.  The best concert I've ever been to was     Holidays in the Sun was epic! However, 2 years ago I saw Journey, Heart and the ass end of Cheap Trick and that was kinda sweet .

6.  A memorable musical moment for me was       Either I have too many small ones that don't stand out enough or I just can't think of a memorable musical moment .

7.  The song on my iPod that's getting the most play these days is      Anything by Ingrid Michaelson and Alternative Ulster by Stiff Little Fingers    . 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I'm American, I speak American.

I have some new followers I noticed. I feel bad because I haven't really been posting much lately. Things have been pretty crazy with the new job and the last few weeks of school. I ready for school to be done. I give up on french. Not sure I am even going to go anymore. I am doing fine in political science. Math, well, I am not where I wanted to be at this point in the semester but I am somewhere right? Ballet is fantastic and I'm not concerned about that at all. I have already planned out my summer and fall semesters (minus I am torn on if I want to take my physical anthro online or not). I planned the next two semester with very little room for any failure. Not to mention there will be no boyfriend this next few semesters to screw up my stride like the last (nor will let ANYONE get in the way of me and UCD).

The next few weeks are going to be pretty insane. Particularly the third week in May. I requested 2 days off (the 13th and 14th) so I can drive to Humboldt (about a 5 hour drive north west of sacto) and watch my big sis graduate finally from Nursing school and come down from the redwoods on that Friday, I'll have to come home Saturday because Sunday I have a ticket (thanks to the worlds MOST FANTASTICAL AMAZING BRILLIANT aunt EVER!) to a ballet complete with champaign reception on Sunday the 16th. Not to mention this same week is finals week (just a small addition to the craziness really).

I need to upload pictures from my death march hike and tell that story. Which was crazy! Fun for about 80% of the hike then went down in flames like hell in a hand basket.

I am sick right now. Getting over being sick really. Tired of breathing through my mouth because its chapping my lips. Of course I would much rather sip tea and rest all day (and really wish I had done the same yesterday), alas, I must work and go to school. I leave you now with some pictures I haven't gotten a chance to post until now because I SUCK!
Lil' sis and I when I was in OR for spring break:

No, I did not shove that in myself. 
I rightfully threw that dart right in to the bullseye behind the provided line!

Trader Joe's instant chocolate pudding. Not only is the packaging adorable, is also completely delicious!
The proof is in the pudding! (oh dear lord I am a nerd)

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Encountering Irritating Etiquette.

Got a new hair cut today. I love the place I went to! Will now be my official hair place. I know I have some Sacramento area readers if you are interested go see Kate at AJF Salon on Jst (linked). Tell them Caitlin M sent you. And if 3 of you go, I get a free haircut!!

This is what socially retarded people make me look like (minus my kick ass hairs)

The elastic ties stayed imprinted on my feets after ballet. 
Felt like a ballet super hero, in my civi clothes but still showed signs of my ballet alter ego.

I don't know why I didn't buy it on the spot.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Giveaway winner announced! (and FITBF)

1.  The first thing I do in the morning is     hit the snooze button....three times (haha same).

2.  Every night before bed  I     Check my email, facebook, twitter and blog, double check my alarm, pop on a netflix movie , arrange my pillows .

3.  My favorite thing to do when I'm having a bad day is      get froyo or cupcakes, some kind of treat really. I also end up taking picture with silly faces. Doing so forces you to at least sort of smile  .

4.  Something that makes me cringe is     when a kid has a ton of boogers and is putting his tongue in them. UUUHHH!     .

5.  Social situations    are hit and miss with me. I usually let my public speaking skills kick in. Sometimes anxiety gets the best of me though   .

6.  I like to collect     Mary statues, I just think they are really neat and pretty. Blythe. Shoes. Dresses   .

7.  Weekends are for      recharging, relaxing, eating yummy food and spending time with the ones you love (Agreed minus the DVR bit, I don't have one)    .

Oh, and I am sure you wanted to know who won the giveaway?
Please shoot me an email (cmee76@gmail.com) with your address!

Thursday, April 15, 2010


Don't forget. There is still one more day to enter my giveaway!
Entry closes tomorrow at 1:00am pacific.
I will post the winner in the morning on Friday.

Welcome all new followers! I am happy to have you!
(PS. Click the picture or the word "enter" to be directly taken to the giveaway post)

Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm alive.

Hangin in there.
Have had a rough start since spring break.
boycotted school last week (and consequently the gym).
Half assing french from here on out (plan on taking ASL over summer).
Hitting the books for political science and math.
Still enjoying ballet.
Hit the gym today (probably worked out a little too hard for being 2 weeks down).
Going to take a proactive stance on not getting stressed the last few weeks of school.
Start my job on Wednesday (and I am TB free!).
Got some $$ so I plan on treating myself to a hair cut (yeah, when you are a struggling student those things are luxuries)!
Mirror Pond Pale Ale. My favorite from Oregon. Found it in my local grocery store!
(yes I realize its backwards, thanks photobooth.)

Friday, April 9, 2010

My First Giveaway...awww.

Making good on my very previous promise to do a giveaway, I present to you... the giveaway.

My very good friend Kitty just opened the most adorable Etsy shop. She was kind enough to let me use one of her fabulous handmade bows as my giveaway item.  This one was made special just for this giveaway! Isn't the sparrow just adorable?! I wish I could keep it for myself, especially since I am growing out my bangs!

On to the rules (I am just going to do what seems standard here on blogger):

  • Be a follower of my blog
  • Leave a comment including a link showing that you mentioned the giveaway in your blog, Facebook or Twitter.
  • Lastly, in the comment tell me what you are most excited for this coming spring!
And thats it! I will leave the giveaway open for a week and announce the winner at the end of course.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

I'm alive.

More details later.


I feel so special today! The very sweet and talented photographer Jessica from O Me, O Life blog is doing her first blogger feature today....on ME! I do hope you go check it out.

Time to drive home from paradise today.
Like a few blogs ago said, I am home sick, but I still don't wanna leave.
Next time will be even better.
Next time I will have no homework and some spending money.
I am going to try and catch my sister on the way out of town to say bye.
I'll probably come up for a weekend soon after the semester is over.
I bet I could check and see what holidays are coming up with work too.

Hope you are all having a happy Easter! I'm off to go find me some Zombie Jesus! (I kid, I kid)

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day 3

Snow not far off:

The bane of my existence( Stove 1 Me 1, we're even sucker!):

Mini model of my Dad's plane. 
Makes me wish the weather was nice enough to fly:

New project:

I love you this much:

Do a little more homework (hopefully crack open the french)
Knit more
Read some poli Sci
Sit down and shut up (meditate)
Go see the sister (although, I haven't checked to see if Venise remembered to leave me her car)
Should be a mellow day.

Happy April Fools!
(I don't really care for this one, hopefully no pranksters come bothering me)