Monday, June 27, 2011

Life's a Party!

I just started following this adorable blog called The Crowley Project. Alycia started this fantastic concept to help get everyone into a more positive mentality called "Life Should be a Party!" I agree! The greatest part is that she is tackling the most dreaded, lamest, no good poo poo day of the week... Monday! I am sitting here right now completely bummed its Monday.

So in an effort to get more positive about the start of the week I am joining in the party!

To start I want to just focus on Mondays. Baby steps people. I have some really great plans for future Monday's in the works. This next Monday is 4th of July! Yaaay! Even better... we will be in Oregon! Perfect time to kick off a weekly party. So head on over to The Crowley Project and link up if you'd like!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Folsom Lake

I am in love! I typically hate swimming in bodies of water in which I can't see through (oceans, rivers, lakes). I had a bad experience with a tiny leech on my toe once. But I wont go too far into that. Folsom lake is heaven! Its clean, there is this amazing lady that sells snow cones and the water is clean and not too cold.
The only change I would have made, and I can't believe I'm going to say this, is I'd have liked the weather to be hotter. We decided to go on a day that it was barely going to hit 90 (which in these neck of the woods is a nice day). If the temps were a little higher the temp of the water would have been PERFECT!

Had these Van's for 7+ years. Take that Toms!
I can't wait to go back! Sadly the weather this week wont be warm enough to go (did I just say sadly?!). I know someday I will be living up in Folsom and someday I'll have a family there. Sitting with Shane and his sister I could just envision that so clear. It made me really excited. Being there also made me realize I should be stocking up on water toys. Noodles and at least an inner tube is a must at this lake. I have a feeling this summer is going to be a great one.

Today Shane and I are going to Yuba City area. My friend is taking her baby swimming for the first time ever! Of course I had to be there to witness it.
Its so much fun to see this little girl grow. My friend Stephanie and I have been friends so long. Its still such a trip she had a baby! I can't wait to see them. I hope you all enjoy your Sunday. Have a great week!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Short and Sweet Friday Favorite

Don't let the numbers deceive you. Its been 100+ or 90 the past week. As someone originally from the SF bay area who is used to 75 degree weather practically year round, I can proudly say, I HATE the heat in Sacramento. I've lived here for 10+ years and have never adjusted. Summer and I are not friends (and after the allergies I suffered in spring I'd say our relationship is also on the rocks). Thankfully I live close to this....

Found via google search. I swear theres more houses around the prison.
Shane, his sister and I are heading there after work to soak up the cool water. I can't wait! I am slightly upset that its ONLY going to be 88. As you can see the temps are going to drop (thank god!). So I guess in an effort to bring back Friday Favorite mine would be Folsom Lake.

This weekend is semi hectic. Saturday morning there is an open house at my friends daughters ballet studio. Shane plays a show on Saturday night in the bay area. Sunday dinner in Folsom with Shane's grandparents (I actually look forward to this, and not just because I don't have to cook!).
I hope you guys have cool relaxing weekends too! Any fun plans?

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Weekend Insta-dump (happy first day of Summer!)

I've had a hot, relaxing, delicious food filled, exciting, slightly stressful, ever so hectic weekend.  Friday Shane came home with the most awesome present ever, Sperry's!  He is so sweet and knows I never buy myself anything and have been drooling over these for so long! I wear them every chance I get and boy are the comfy!! Saturday night we went over to Shane's sisters house for dinner at her new place (which is adorable and very chill. She had to kick us out). Sunday was amazing and relaxing. We had dinner in Folsom with Shane's grandparents which we are making a weekly thing. I am also excited that we finally (or I finally) committed to a pair of curtains for the living room.

Currently I am trying to gear up for the week. I hit a wall with math and had quite the tantrum. My friend Jimmy is going to help me this week. I am still feeling down that I wont be finished with this section when I wanted to be. However, the goal is to do the math. Transferring will come later. First I need to get this math out of the way. Staying motivated for myself is probably one of the hardest things I've ever done. I feel the universe is really gesturing for me to stay the course. There will be struggles and hardships, but I can do it. I just need to ask for help. Its 102 today in lovely Sacramento. A great kick off to the first day of summer. All I want to do is swim.

Hope your weekend was fun filled. Good luck beating the heat!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

memorial day weekend: On the last day, they motoed.

Monday was a slow to start day. After a weekend of off and on grey skies we were lucky enough to have one really nice day (I even got sun burned)! The day was so nice my Dad had suggested possibly flying (my Dad has his pilots license). We lally gagged too much so we didn't have enough time to fly. Somehow we started getting out some of the motorcycles my Dad has around (the man typically has 13 or so on hand). Now, let me give you a little back story on me and motorcycling.

A few years ago a friend of mine suggested we take her Suzuki 125 out for a spin. Being the daughter of an avid motocross racer who had been racing since he was 13, I said sure! Only thing is my Dad never taught me to ride, let alone shift. Well I was doing just fine scooting around in first gear when I hear my friend holler " take it to second!". I got ballsy and shifted. Well it caught. I flooded the engine and the thing bucked me off the front! I don't really remember what happened after I gassed it. One second I was giving it gas the next I was dazed on the ground.

I now have a dent in my leg where you see the crescent shaped wound. I haven't been on a bike since. Until memorial day weekend. I saw my Dad taking those bikes out and panicked! I thought " what am I supposed to say to my Dad?!" "I can't tell him I am SCARED to ride!!" "I can't NOT ride!" So after a few tries I was off in first gear. I was doing fine! Then the dreaded "Shift Caitlin!" Oh no! Shane pulled up next to me and showed me how to do it a few times on his own bike. Of course I didn't believe him. Then my Dad pulled up to show me. And I did it! From then on riding was a breeze!

I even shifted using the clutch! After hours of "just one more lap" we finally hit the road. Before I met Shane I usually drove to Oregon on my own. I would always drive by the vista points wishing I could take some rad picture but had no one to take it. This time I made a point to stop. It was freeeezing!!!!

I need to work on my jumping face. I look kinda tarded. 

Shane's is waaay better than mine.
We'll be back for 4th of July weekend I'm happy to say. Ideally I'd go up any three day weekend I had. Well, I am glad to have this series over. Now I can get back to regular posting. Already so much to post about! New friends, Cousin's graduation, Shane's new teeth and new hair cut! Math is going well. I am somewhat seeing a faint light at the end of the tunnel. Slumber party on Thursday with cousin. Delicious dinners planned all week. My oh my!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Memorial day weekend: day two

Day two we made the ceremonial trip to the North Umpqua Fish latter. My Dad was telling us how he stopped by there a few days before and saw a ton of fish!

 When we arrived we waited around for a minute and there was not ONE FISH! We did however see a few hopping out of the water while we were walking up the stairs.

Then my Dad had us stop at this random place on the road home so we could check out the river up close. We found a mini trail down to the river and made our descent. Shane and I found a million skipping rocks. I managed to skip two! 

On the way back to the car we noticed A TON OF POISON OAK which we couldn't remember if we touched on the way down. I was pretty nervous the entire drive back to the house that it was on my clothes. Shane is a freak and is immune to poison oak/ivy. Thankfully I don't think any of us touched it. Sunday was the most relaxing day by you can see...

Monday, June 6, 2011

Memorial day weekend: day one

Shane and I have both never been to the Oregon coast. I was super excited when my dad suggested it. There is this theory that if its raining inland then its nice on the coast. We decided to test this theory out...

I'd say the theory was validated...

There were baby seals. I swear the one in this picture was looking right at me! 

SEA ANEMONES!!!! They were so cool! When you poked them (ok, maybe I shouldn't have been poking them) they would curl up. Plus they were this cool green color.

Big giant tree stump. The signs said no climbing on rocks....

I had a bunch of fun. We walked around the downtown area and picked up some crab and cod for dinner. I came home with a TON of awesome driftwood I plan on using for crafts. Not sure what yet.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Memorial day weekend: The trek to Oregon

I'm going to have to split these up because I took so many pictures. If you follow me on Instagram then you've seen some of these. The last few days have been freaking insane! I have been in a total of three states (including my home state) and in a car more hours than I'd like to count. Prepare yourself!

I was thoroughly impressed at my packing skillz 
The day we left was INSANE! I was dealing with some craziness due to work and cleaning my house (am I the only one that cleans before I go somewhere? Coming home to a clean house is the best!). We rented a car (Shane and I's first as 25 year olds!) as to avoid putting miles on either of our own cars. Let me tell you the car shuffle is insane. First we had to pick up the rental car. Then drop Shane's car off at my moms then my car off. I'm tired of driving just thinking about it! I was so excited to get onto the road!

See, excited.
We made the mandatory Olive Pit stop. Shane had never been and OF COURSE doesn't like olives (add to the list of 483920 foods he wont eat or doesn't like).

While we were stopped we popped into a Shell to grab snacks. This is what $20 worth of complete crap looks like (not pictured are energy drinks, and two bags of sour patch kids). What else are you supposed to eat on a road trip? Well, ok, I did make a few sandwiches and brought carrot sticks (that I did not eat).

The driving continued...

The new sunglasses I mentioned a while back

By the time we hit Oregon the novelty of driving had kind of wore off. Shane was stuffing his mouth with a ton of sunflower seeds so he wasn't really talking to me or participating in car dancing/ sing-a-longs.

Sunflower seeds addiction exhibit A
They got a new sign since the last time I was there. Nice one Oregon.
So the last 3 hours to my Dads house from the border was quite a marathon push...

And of course there was beautiful scenery to be seen....
I think we got to Oregon around 10:30pm. I was completely whipped! We chatted with my dad and step mom for a few and hit the pillows HARD! The next day we planned to go to the Oregon coast for the first time! I was pretty excited.

To be continued....

Lastly, I am sad to announce that Shane sold his beloved Subaru. I am really proud and thankful that he took one for team "us" (I know way more puking happening right?). I almost got a little teary eyed watching the keys change hands and the papers being signed. I know more than I ever thought I would about bug and hawk eyes thanks to that Buru, Shondra. I remember when Shane picked me up in her for our first date. Ahh the memories. She will be greatly missed.