Friday, July 29, 2011

A day to Mope

I've been feeling down lately. Not much really going on in my life. Ever feel stuck? I'm stuck in school until I finish math. I'm stuck with a few other things until certain questions get asked. I have  never been a fan of being stuck. I typically like to be constantly moving in an upward direction. I feel like making some of these would make me feel better. My favorite thing about cooking or baking is knowing that I made something delicious that makes others happy with my own hands. Baker in another life? Maybe.



Sunday, July 24, 2011

Return to Romance

Maybe its because Its been awhile since I've been in a relationship or maybe for some other reason I'm unaware of. I have recently had trouble distinguishing a faulty relationship with reality and practicality taking over a healthy one. I forgot that relationships take constant work and communication. Its especially hard to know how to have a healthy relationship when you've never been exposed to one (thank goodness for my friends help!). So far in the past month I have learned that you can never stop dating your significant other. Its so important to check in and to pay attention to details. Its important to let loose and play a little bit, which is something I've loved so much about Shane and his ability to keep me young. The other night we had a date night. We went to the same mini golf place we had our first date. And he whooped my butt at mini golf....again. The entire time I kept having flash backs of all of my favorite moments with him so far. I had so much fun! I even noticed an improvement in my mini golf skills (despite the loss). Shane is in Santa Barbra right now. His band Plead the Fifth played a show at this pretty big hardcore fest Sound and Fury. I'm sad I couldn't be there to see him play on such a big stage in front of so many people. Thankfully I got to spend some time with my Baba since I stayed behind.

Tomorrow I get off early and plan on getting pedicures with Shane's sister (which I think so so rad we get along!). I hope to do a little something special for the Life's a party deal and in celebration of Shane's show and him coming home. Hopefully that helps to kick off a great week!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mad Skillz

I have been really busy lately. Today reminded me why I don't work my job full time. 6 hours of autism is the most exhausting thing ever! Not to mention I have completely slacked off with math. Which is partially ok. I decided I would do much better in a classroom setting and signed up with a really great math teacher in the fall. I plan on posting some updates Shane and I have made to the apartment recently and few other random pics. In the mean time check out this vid. I peeped from around the blogosphear. This girl seriously blows my mind! Mad respec (my gangster is lame)....

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Weekend

Shane and I decided to road trip it up to Oregon to visit my Dad. We had so much fun. The weekend was full of motorcycles, planes, BBQ, and I even got to hang out with my little step nephew. We spent a lot of down time just laying about and relaxing. My family is getting ready to have my step sisters wedding on the property. I signed Shane and I up as a spare pair of hands for whatever needed to be done. Which ended up being hand digging a pond! What?! Yup! I was so proud! We even played a family game of croquet. Who'd have known Shane and I would have so much fun! We came home from Oregon a day late, tired and red as lobsters...but happy! I can't wait to go back again. I love spending time with my family in Oregon. There a few more pictures I'd like to post. Unfortunately I am far too lazy and wrapped up in mathing to upload them. So here is what I took on Le Instagram if you haven't seem em.

I am insanely behind in my math; which has stressed me out this week to no end. The apartment is slowly becoming a home. I am really excited. I will post more about that tomorrow. The roommate should be moving out this month and Shane and I will have the place to ourselves finally! I'm looking forward to this weekend. We planned on camping, however, Shane and I are both not fans of camp sites and are searching for something off the beaten path. I don't care what happens this weekend as long as its something fun and relaxing I am stoked! Back to math!