Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Let it Snow

Shane and I visited his sister who lives in Tahoe a few days after Christmas. It was fantastic! Sadly, we had to head home earlier than planned because I am a ruiner of most things and got sick. I feel so lucky to have found a guy with such a great family. We are welcome back whenever we want. Hopefully before math homework takes up my weekends we will make the trek back.
The drive up was BEAUTIFUL! It was the perfect day to go.

We cannot take credit for the making of the snowman

A goof ball such as myself. 

Snow angels!!!

I had such a fantastic time! I feel much better health wise than I have the past two days. I am hoping to be right as rain by Friday for the NYE pie party I am having inspired by these guys. Tomorrow is jam packed with stuff to do. Pre party cleaning, planning my outfit, researching recipes and shopping for them. I love being a hostess! Hope you all have fantastic new years!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

"I Felt It"

I had a lovely niece/aunt date this evening. My aunt came up to Sacramento from Davis so we could talk to admissions at Sac State, which was extremely helpful. After that my aunt took me to see "Black Swan" the amazing ballet movie that is currently out. Let my say WOW! So amazing. I suggest for everyone and any one to check it out. I don't want to say a thing because its just that riveting and I don't want to spoil it. I will say two things however:

1) I love the ballerina style! I have personally experienced how this is created but it just looks so fantastic in the movie. When you start going to classes you dress to impress, nice and clean and sleek. The further into the semester or whatever we all seem to turn into "slubby" ballerina's, especially when its cold! Which it looks that way in the movie.

Knit wear is by far my favorite thing about ballet (of course aside from the dancing itself).

 2) I LOVE BALLET! I love to dance it, watch it, sleep it. I have been taking ballet off and on since I was little. Sadly, my grandparents were the only ones who pushed me. Now later in life I have really found my niche in ballet. I held my own in intermediate last semester and really excelled as far as I could in that class. I am now on the search for a studio to go even further. If I were to have a bucket list getting to pointe would be at the top! This movie really inspired me to keep at it.

Now stop reading blogs and go see this movie!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Its Beginning to Look A lot Like Christmas...

Christmas has arrived in my house! All thanks to my hero boyfriend. This weekend has been so packed with things to do. Saturday we drove down to Santa Cruz area to pick up car parts (blegh). Since we were close we visited my Baba and Shane got to meet her. I picked up some lights, tree decorations and a few chairs. My Baba had some of her "ladies" over. They were impressed by my knitting skills. However, both ladies were wearing the most gorgeous sweaters hand knit by themselves of course. On the way home Shane and I stopped and picked up a tree. He helped me decorate it a little. I love walking into my house and it smells like Christmas! This week will be the first of my school break I'm off until the 15th. Its going to be weird just working. Hopefully I can pick up some extra hours. I am excited for Christmas. I still have a few things I need to finish up and wrap/ship. Tonight I went and saw Shane's band play. They are pretty good. My right ear is still ringing so bad! More on that later. Nighty night!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

My door. Got the wreath in the $1 section at Target and the bow for 99 cents at Kmart.
When I was very young my mom gave up on the entire holiday thing. I don't recall my mom ever saying there was no santa or anything like that. She just stopped getting a Christmas tree and doing the decorating thing. This includes halloween and every other festive type event. So basically after years of grinchiness holiday seasons I made a vow that when I moved out I would decorate for every holiday I could. Yes, its so bad that I currently am contemplating my valentines day decor. I've been slow at getting a tree, however, BF and I are going to pick one up tomorrow and I couldn't be more excited! Still not sure where to put it (I have a ton of room so it shouldn't be a problem).
 This is also going to be the first christmas I will spend with my aunt, uncle and cousin. I am really excited about it. Its about time! On the flip side I am sad that I wont be making it up to Oregon to spend time with my dad. I am just too chicken shit to drive through that snow by myself. I sent out Christmas cards following suit from my dad. Let me tell you, sending thank you notes or holiday cards is a lost art and is a fantastic personal touch. I think I may actually invest some money on various cards to send. My mom texted me after she got hers and said "getting your xmas card was the best part of my week." It makes me feel fantastic that I can make someone smile with just a personal note. Especially in this world of impersonal emails.

Today was my last final of fall semester. I feel it went really well. It was a little sad since I enjoyed the class and the professor so much. She said thank you to me as I was leaving and I stopped her and said "No! Thank you! I really enjoyed this class and you are a fabulous professor!" I like giving kudos when they are due. I find professors, and educators in general, who truly care about what and who they are teaching to be few and far between. Break has now begun and I have a whole bunch of crafts and fun things planned for my down time. I am seriously excited!! Thinks are lookin up!
Hope you all have a fantastic fun filled weekend!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Thanksgiving my mom, Joey and I made the trek down to the bay and had dinner with my family at my aunt and uncles house. I love going down there. I love being back in my baba's (grandma in russian) house. The second I get over the bay bridge I instantly feel at home. You'd think in such a huge city it would be hard to get that hometown feeling, but I completely do. I am so excited to go back for Christmas.

The apple pie I made from scratch. So delicious!
My cousins, baba and uncle
My baba is fantastic. Her decision to stop dying her hair I Love Lucy red made huge waves in the family. She is known for that red hair. I can't wait to see her again!
My cousin and Joey
My uncle Joe is an amazing piano player. I sat next to him and played Heart and Soul. Then while he played classical pieces I pretended to be the one playing. It was funny. Or at least I thought so!
I made some delicious irish coffee. 

This week is going to be fantastic! I can't wait for it to really get going. Meeting with college counselors tomorrow to talk about my options. Wednesday is dinner with my family in Davis. Its a big deal since their meeting my boooyfriend! I am still getting used to it myself.

Monday, December 6, 2010


Carving pumpkins at my friend Joey's house.

Turns out white pumpkins are more difficult to carve. At least mine was.

Shane could barely fit his hand into his pumpkin

Not a posed picture. Zombies eat cupcakes sometimes too!

Dexter (Jimmy), and a few of his victims ( his GF Lesley and their roommate Kathy)

 Blood was dripping everywhere. Comes out with some 409 much better than real blood!

My best friend teaching me how girls walk "sway back"

My halloween was mellow but really fun! I decorated my house using almost entirely Martha Stewart tutorials (maybe I am developing an addiction to that ladies tutorials?). I think zombie is going to be my default halloween costume. However next years is already in the works and is not zombie related. Still quite bloody though! Saturday I went to my friends christmas party. Lots of fun! We had a "dance fight". Basically choreographed fighting. Its pretty silly. Pictures to come! Hope you all have a great start to your week!