Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Not going to be 21 forever.

Forever 21 ‘Pleat Accent Woven Dress’

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I am so excited! I love dresses and I especially love well priced ones at that. I recently made a few dress purchases at Forever 21 and was completely disappointed by the construction of them! A little history:

 When I was in high school I work mini skirts a ton! I didn't think anything of it. Somewhere from the age of, lets say, 20 years old to now I began to feel a little uncomfortable having my shirt hem so close to the lower half of my behind!! It is just uncomfortable to be so conscious of not letting everything come flying out when you sit, stand, bend over... you name it! I feel so much more comfortable sitting and moving around in dresses/skirts that hit me any where from the knee to low-mid thigh. I feel part of it has to do with my resolution a few years ago to be more proper. I wanted to be more of a lady. In my younger years I had pretty much nothing but guy friends until I met Connie. So I didn't much know how to be lady like or even have some common sense manners until I bout Emily Post's Etiquette. It is such a great book and has taught me so much! I recommend it to anyone!

 So basically along with my choice to be more lady like and girly, dresses were a natural progression. I am not rich by any means so it has taken me some time to acquire my collection of dresses. When I am in the mood for something fun and cheap most ladies go to Forever 21. However, the few times I felt confident in my size and just bought the dress without trying it on... I was disappointed in the length of the dress. This is one hell of a rant I must say. I suppose my conclusion is that I am glad to have found others who are on the hunt for more modest clothing. I have been following Sensibly Styled for a minute now and love everything she posts! I also have been following Rockstar Diaries and have learned of a few new ways to style more modest lady like clothing and a few stops to find dresses.

Sadly from time to time I feel pressure to have fun with it. I am still young and can pull off short skirts. So I go out and buy something I feel thats fun and trendy. The second I put it on and leave the house, its like I am instantly uncomfortable and think, "this is just not me." haha. I am so silly sometimes. I still need help and direction. If only I could hire a stylist! Ah well.

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