Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Between a Rock and a Hard Place.

So awhile back I had a hair mishap.
I wanted heavy 60s style bangs
a la this:

Sadly, I got super wispy things. I was pretty upset. I have generally really thick hair. I can achieve these types of bangs pretty effortlessly. It seems the amount she thinned out my bangs they never got back to normal. They are still pretty thin. So I can keep trimming them till it all catches up. As I have been doing

(just the other day, super stringy I need a trim/ thinning look. Never mind the poopy face.)

or, I pinned them back and took a few shots.

I've tried to grow them out before. I usually get ticked off with them when they reach right about my eyes. Also can't stand them when they are just in between being too short to tuck behind my ears.
What do you guys think?


  1. I think the longest length there could be really cute if they were just cleaned up a bit. I mean, you're adorable no matter what, but I think bangs are just so fun.

  2. i am having the same predicament right now!i finally cut them..i have tried making them thicker too! i think i am getting there.. i think if you really like the bangs.. just keep kinda trimming til they catch up! i think they look great either way though..but lately, i am just loving bangs on people! you are gorgeous!

  3. Keep em. I agree, they're the biggest pain in the ass, but they're sooo cute! Chances are, you'll go through the hassle of growing them out and then decide you want them back. Save yourself the hassle.