Thursday, February 25, 2010

Lookie here!

I was doing a little web deal hunting the other day and found this fab dress!

I thought it would be perfect for Sensibly Styled blog (blog geared towards the lady more interested in 

modesty like myself). Well they posted it! So go check it out. The dress is adorable and only 25 dollars!

PS: I saw a segment on the news this morning asking for people to call in and tell them if they would give cussing up for a week. I waver from sounding like a sailor to not cussing very much at all. I of course have tact with my cussing. However, it got me thinking. I am officially giving up cussing for 1 week. If all goes well I will extend it to a month. Maybe I can eliminate cussing out of my language entirely! Who's with me?!


  1. Isn't it!? I think I am going to have to snatch this one up ASAP!