Monday, February 22, 2010

Movie Review Monday

Not what I expected but thats a good thing!
Great movie, although, a little heart breaking.
If I was a psychology professor I would show this in class for sure.
Classic OCD.
I love the way they portrayed Phoebe's compulsions however.

Of course Alice in Wonderland is a spring board for the OCD.
I feel that its a great alternate view of OCD from a child's perspective.
Some of Phoebe's outbursts kind of got on my nervous. 
As most tantrums do anyway.
I really liked how her delusional characters were actually from her real life.
I love Felicity Huffman as "Linette" in Desperate Housewives, and loved her in this as well.
I loved the styling in this movie the best! 
I give it two thumbs up!

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