Tuesday, February 9, 2010

When you are feeling down...

Take silly pictures!

My favorite scarf. Its actually from Afghanistan unlike the hipsters ones.

So Aaron and I are never speaking again. It's a hard pill to swallow seeing as how I really had hope for him getting it together someday like I was told. I wasn't giving him enough space. I suppose I just couldn't conceptualize that someone who I cared for so much would want me completely out of their lives all of a sudden. Don't get me wrong, I am by no means a needy lady. I got my own business. I hate being made to feel like I am that irritating stalker chick that "needs" a guy. He has a great ability in making me feel like I am exactly that girl.
We were supposed to go on a motorcycle ride for valentines day. Valentines day is a hard day for me. I lost a child on that day. I try and make a tradition, no matter what, to do something really special and out of the ordinary. Or else I get really depressed. You never really get over some thing like that.
Someday I will find a man that cares about me as much as I think I deserve. Right now he only cares about himself. This is the last time he will break my heart (I was really looking forward for that V-day ride.).

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