Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bon Weekend!

This weekend was fun!
Friday was knitting group. I started circular needles. Man is that hard. You need to pay attention to like 5 things at once or everything goes awry. Which means I had to restart like twice.  
Saturday I made myself a romantic 400 calorie dinner for 1.

And painted my nails fun spring colors.

Then met up with Jimmy, Lesley, their roommate Kathy and her new beau Drew (?) for coffee and Rick's Dessert Diner. It was really nice. I enjoyed myself quite a bit. Jimmy always makes me laugh which is great. I debated wearing my new straw fedora out. I felt it wasn't "night-time" appropriate so scratched it for later use.

I think I look really pretty in this picture. I may have to rock gloss more often.

Today I went on a date (?). I always feel silly saying that. I am usually never 100% if thats what they are. It felt nice to just chat. Get to know a new person. Nice boy anyway.
Bumped into an old friend. We went and had pizza at this great very modern place called Hot Italian.
Suuuuch a beautiful day today!
Now I am going to get some BBq with a completely different Aaron I met through my knitting circle. I love BBq and am completely stoked!

Tomorrow, Monday, I am joining a march to the Capitol building protesting fee hikes and teacher/class cuts. I will probably wear my fedora and take a ton of pictures! I love being proactive about this. 

I have been feeling really fantastic lately. I haven't talked to"A" in a few days. I am really fine with that too. I think he is probably happy to not talk to me. Which is fine, I like thinking of him being happy. I think things are really starting to look good. I am just going to continue with this great outlook and work on myself and remember what the monk said " peace, love and compassion". The glass is officially half full!


  1. sounds like quite the weekend. also, i love your hat on you. you look so pretty!

  2. It does sound like quite the weekend. I love non-stressful weekends!

  3. I love Rick's Diner and yay for cute boys and dates! Barbecues are a must on my to do list... everyday!