Monday, March 29, 2010

Every bridge you burn leaves another clue

Driving etiquette. Yeah California, it exists. Oh, and California, you fail at that.

It is not only personal preference that I, and I am sure many other drivers, feel stressed and rushed when we glance in our review mirror only to discover a car mere inches from our rear bumper and would much rather them not. If you checked your DMV handbook I am sure one would quickly notice that it is also illegal to ride so closely to the car in front of you, not to mention COMPLETELY DANGEROUS!!

I purpose this, as seen most practiced in states such as Oregon and New York, the left lane (doesn't matter if there are 2 of them) is for passing ONLY. After once passing a slower moving vehicle (without getting dangerously close to their rear bumper, just wait, signal and move) use the left lane to pass and, simply, move on. There is no need to be rude, get upset, or "push" the vehicle moving slower than you. I especially on long trips like to take my time as to not rush and relax as much as possible. Enjoy the journey if you will. However, I also allot out my time in a very organized way and make detailed itineraries before trips.
Made sure to have lots of snacks from home:

Skittles/Air head tongue! I couldn't resist the candy when making a pit stop.

Had a delicious breakfast this morning with real farm fresh eggs
(you didn't know I was an angel and gave off a halo effect at times?)

So lovely to study with this view

Finished Austyn's beanie. First time knitting on the round!

Exciting news for you readers! I have a lovely sponsor, Kitty, and she is donating some of her fantastic hand made lovlies for my very first GIVEAWAY!!! As promised, its finally here. I wanted to make sure I had some great shwag to give away. Click her banner to check out what your in store for!

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  1. So true about driving and Hooray for giveaways! I hope you are having a splendid time.