Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm alive.

Hangin in there.
Have had a rough start since spring break.
boycotted school last week (and consequently the gym).
Half assing french from here on out (plan on taking ASL over summer).
Hitting the books for political science and math.
Still enjoying ballet.
Hit the gym today (probably worked out a little too hard for being 2 weeks down).
Going to take a proactive stance on not getting stressed the last few weeks of school.
Start my job on Wednesday (and I am TB free!).
Got some $$ so I plan on treating myself to a hair cut (yeah, when you are a struggling student those things are luxuries)!
Mirror Pond Pale Ale. My favorite from Oregon. Found it in my local grocery store!
(yes I realize its backwards, thanks photobooth.)


  1. I read "not getting dressed" and I was going to say, "YAAAAY!!!!!" Because I took that stance this afternoon, and it felt really good.

  2. 1: Already am a follower.
    2: Link:
    3: I am most excited for late afternoon walks, bike rides, farmer's markets, sitting on my patio, gardening, wine, parties at my place with friends, focusing on me, losing more weight and doing some shopping for new and fabulous clothes in a smaller size!

  3. I have been there with the haircut luxuries. I'm so glad I graduated. Although, it was weird this year. My first year of life since I was 5 that I didn't have a first day of school or a spring break. :)

  4. Hey there,
    Danielle posted your cute Tattoo Tuesday and just wanted to say hi. I grew up in Sac, actually went to Elk Grove High School and graduated in '97. Are you from there. Downtown Sac is pretty fun, but now I live in Juneau, AK. Cute, cute blog. I will definitely be back .


  5. It's hard to stay motivated sometimes, huh? I can totally relate. I hope your giveaway is going fantastic.

  6. Your a sac student?? I live in Orangevale and work in Sac, so happy to see someone that lives in northern ca!