Monday, May 3, 2010

English With Ease.

Friday: I went to the gay club (my favorite place to go dancing. Good music and no worry about skeezy guys trying to dance with you equal my fav.). We celebrated my friends induction into the "Mother Fucking Therapist" land (she passed her MFT test!!). I had a blast.

It was a "white party". It was hard pulling together all that white.
 Realized I don't have very much.

Then a boy and I decided to take a super spontaneous trip to SF.
The most spontaneous trip I have had in quite some time.
Of course we went to the ocean.

Someone was blowing a ton of bubbles and I was chasing after them.

Went to the palace of fine arts to do the "Dance nadya dance! let us be children of the night" 
scene from So I Married an Ax Murder.

Went and played at my play ground in Corte Madera. Ate delicious middle eastern food in San Rafael. 
I also had a Carmel-gasim at this delicious dessert place. 
All in all it was a pretty fantastic weekend.
I wish I had more photos to share from the in between parts.
But these will do.
So far this week I over slept and missed my ballet final
Thankfully I can do it Wednesday.


  1. Best scene ever in a movie. Haha! I need to watch it. Soon. Good luck on your ballet final on Wednesday. Whew, glad you can take it then. Aren't morning finals the worst?

  2. sounds like a fun time at the club, hehe. you are so pretty. love the pictures of you!

    i also very much love SF! i wanna go back.

  3. What gay club is there in Sacramento? I don't even know.

  4. Ms. BN: There are a bunch! Downtown. I went to Badlands. Great music!

  5. I'm the same way when it comes to gay clubs. It's pretty much the only place I feel safe enough to dance. Plus they usually have awesome specials like 5 dollar pitchers. Cute pictures!