Monday, July 5, 2010

Quick 4th of July Recap.

My Dad's hanger. This is what I woke up to Friday morning
I never realized how pretty big rolled up bails of hay were.

Flew my awesome Spider man kite.

Relocated the flying of the kite to the runway. It was pretty great. Lots of open sky
But it was a long walk back to the house. So I hitched a ride on the tractor!

Keep all arms and legs inside whilst hitching rides on tractors!

The wall. This is a perfect California example of a wall.
It drives me nuts. Two cars going the same speed. 
I like Oregon much better. The left lane is for passing only.
Wall's like this rarely happen in Oregon.

I had fun. I've had more fun during past Oregon trips.
I am hoping to return in August.
This week is going to be quick which I'm happy about.
I have a tattoo appointment on the 7th that I need to reschedule to next week.
My "Aunt Ruby" came to visit making me less tolerant of unnecessary pain (or any pain really). Saturday is the zombie walk and hang time with my actual aunt. Going to start cracking the whip on myself and get my math done. Got an A in sign language (go me!).
Hope you all had fantastic 4th of July's!

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