Monday, August 23, 2010

Party On Your Feets

 So a few of my friends have been getting a little more risque with their wardrobe. My risque is someone elses "cute" or "fashionable". I am recently emerging from a very modest fashion sense rut. The beginning of this year I decided I wanted to be the anti if you will and cover up in spite of my less modest peers. Now that I am slowly coming to my senses I have this urge to follow suit and "slut it up" as I have been calling it. I only have one short skirt and one short dress! Can you believe it?! Everything else doesn't go above my knees. I threw together here my first polyvore set (please excuse how plain it is. Pretend I was going for minimalist!). I was inspired by all these great party shoes I found on Endless dot com. In my mind mini skirts with sky high heels are the epitome of spicy. All items are under $100 likes I likes it. I plan on doing a huge product review post. I have come across a few new products that simply work! So stay tuned. I hope you enjoy my minimalistic set down there!!

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