Saturday, August 7, 2010

Uh, Hello?

Bike ride 2 completed. Well kind of.
Last weekend Jimmy and I rode 30 miles from Sacramento to Davis and back. We didn't get started until around 2pm so by then it was already 90 degrees!!!

This time we got a great early start and planned a 35/40 mile ride. The thing with Jimmy is he is in much better shape than I. Partially because I think he has a little more free time than myself to devote to working out not to mention discipline, thanks to the Army, to push himself more. So when we ride and Jimmy gets into his "Stride" he likes to sprint for a few miles. Usually Jimmy gets to a point and looks back to find me steadily catching up. This time, Jimmy didn't turn around. Jimmy kept going, and fast, for so long he completely disappeared and I had to give up. I turned around and just went back to the house. About 30 mins after I got back Jimmy arrived. Once Jimmy finally looked back he asked another cyclist if they had seen a girl biking. "In grey shorts?" asked the cyclist, "yeah" replied Jimmy, "Oh about 4 MILES AGO".

Needless to say Jimmy and I have put a few ideas (thanks to his girlfriend Lesley) in place in case this happens again.

I've also decided to print signs and pin them to the back of my shirt to communicate to people in cars.

"Would you stop if you hit me?
"Share the road. Its the law"
Any other suggestions? I sure didn't like looking up from my own stride to see a car trying to play chicken with me. Not to mention the countless times Jimmy and I narrowly get hit. SHARE THE ROAD PLEASE!

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  1. I seriously am so scared for my life whenever I ride my bike but I still do it. I just try to be a defensive biker and assume the worst. Haha- that sounds horrible but it's true.