Sunday, September 5, 2010

So Much Going On.

With moving, school and work I have severely neglected my little blog. I have a small collection of random images from the past week or so. I am redunkulously broke this month thanks to the total of moving costs. Work has been more rocky lately then school (shocker!). I love that I can ride my bike more than drive. However, I am terrified to get my bike stolen. My bike was inherited by my grandpa. Dida (grandpa) was an avid cyclist. He rode double digit miles as often as he could until he physically couldn't. Then died. The bike has a few thousand in it. I have been assured by cyclist friends its only a matter of time till my bike gets stolen (regardless of the lock). I may have to spring for some beater bike I don't care about. So sad how the world is sometimes.

On a lighter note here are some pictures from life the past few weeks:
Between Rose and I we had a total of 6 Mac and Cheese boxes. Ahh poor college kid life.

Chalk It Up! My friend Jimmy shocking the hell out of passer by's.

Raybeez freaking out in the car on the day I moved him over.

A lovely care package via my newly discovered BFF and pen pal Christina
Check out her blog!

Now I must go and put together our new TV stand thanks to Rose's mama. Believe it or not I actually enjoy the challenge Ikea products put forth. Happy labor day all!


  1. What a sweet care package! And I hope you are enjoying the new place. Congrats!

  2. i am attached to my bike too!! looks like life is overall pretty swell!