Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Currently there is a whole bunch of transition going on in this world. Specifically mine.
Pre-birthday I spent a lot of time contemplating my impending 25th year old life and what that meant.
So far I have made some major transitions. I moved out on my own (which has been such a learning experience). I have also decided to officially change my major from psychology to history (my first love) and work towards obtaining my teaching credentials.
 Lately I have felt another possible wave of learning about to take place. I feel myself growing even more into an adult. I watch myself make adult choices everyday (even simply in making it to work). I was so afraid of growing up and being 25. Reflecting thus far I am really proud of myself. I get so proud of myself when I have the patience to sit down with one of my "kids" and really teach them. Its so rewarding. I am so blessed in that I have a job I, mostly, like. I have never pushed myself so hard to better myself.

I am really struggling in ballet. I am intermediate right now and so determined to excel. Its especially hard for me with my scoliosis, bad knees and screwed up hips. Right now my turn out doesn't want to...well turn out and my back wants to roll in as opposed to staying flat. Its so frustrating!
I have procrastinated my math to oblivion. But I will make it.

This weekend some really exciting things are going on. This will be the third year in a row I will miss the Hardly Strictly Blue Grass Festival. I'm ok with that, I will be spending time with some really important people. I am really excited to transition into fall and some cooler weather. I have been spending a lot of time with my friends and family and more importantly myself. I am on a "boy-cott" and I usually really enjoy doing this from time to time. I hate pictureless posts, so here you go:
Went to the "premier" party at Jimmy, Lesley, and Kathy's place for "Sharktapus"
Doing scared hands as the "Shartopus" attacks

Got my first flat during Jimmy and I's ride last Saturday. Was not stoked.

Establishing a new kind of "child labor" in making Raybeez proof read/ write my W. Civ papers.


  1. Congrats to the change of major! Doing what you love is so important. And may I offer advice on the turn out? Work within your own rotation, maybe even a little less, so that you are using and building the proper muscles. That may seem counter intuitive but it will build your rotation much faster and better than trying to force it.

  2. Thanks on the tip! My recent problem is getting my heel to come forward. I know I am progressing because the second I feel like I am on a roll I hit a wall. Which is totally how my body behaves.