Tuesday, January 4, 2011

NYE Pie Party

Shane fell asleep while I was prepping for the party. Notice my cat peeping out of the bag on the bed? It was pretty cute. The night was disrupted by a regular slew of random balloon popping thanks to Jimmy and Shane. So to get back I gave him a Saturday morning wake up call. I'm evil.

The night was also marked by glittery dresses modeled by Lesley and Kathy. Jimmy loved his christmas present from me so much (arm warmers) he had to don them on the spot! Because I have no cable (which is actually pretty nice) I used an online counter to ring in the new year on time.

It was a pretty great night. Not many pictures of the pies unfortunately (which makes me want a camera of my own even worse). Jimmy made a "squishy Talbit" pie which resembled squishy talbit far too much for me to eat much of. I made a delicious snickers pie and someone brought a store bought apple (shame!). It was a great night! So much dancing in my kitchen. I dub this a wild success!

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