Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Things I Secretly Suck at

Some peeps may think I am super organized and on top of crap. I may come off like I keep a tight ship; dishes done, vacuum regularly, clean the cat box. Its all a front. I actually am a complete lazy blah. So I decided I need to out myself. When people aren't looking (or in some cases I am too sick to maintain the charade) all hell typically breaks loose.

1) I HATE folding socks. I will literally fold and put away all the laundry but a pile of socks will sit there for god knows how long. *edit* socks still, 3 days later, sitting unmatched and not put away.

2) Now that I live on the 3rd floor of a building and have to take trash to a dumpster I procrastinate that as long as I can. This usually creates a "weird trash pile" that I shamefully take out (yeah, head hanging walk of shame to the dumpster and all). However I have been perfecting my trash throw (the graceful way I throw the trash into my dumpster).

3) I have a junk drawer. What mama don't see wont hurt her is my motto!

Those are just to name a few. Here are some other things going on right now.
- Notice my pictures suck? Maybe you were bummed at the lack of pictures in a lot of my posts? Believe it or not I don't own a camera. Good lawd its a pain in the ass not having one. Well the good news is I got a raise! BOMB! As a little present to myself I want to buy this little beaut...
A lot of the bloggers and people I know have this camera and I've heard good things. Its decently priced I'd say for a good camera. Anyone out there have one of these and have comments about it? Haven't bought it yet, I want to buy one that will last me at least a few years.

- In other news. I am on the war path (hooah!) to get braces! Can you believe it?! What a total nerd am I?! 25 years old and I am dying to get braces! Ideally I want the Invisaline (I'm not that much a nerd please!). If that is too much $$$ or not a suitable option for me then screw it, metal mouth city here I come! I go to the dentist today and they will refer me to an orthodontist. My dad has beautiful teeth. He had invisaline though, at age 33!! I talked to him about it and he knows my pain (we're British).

-School starts Tuesday. Uhhhhh, not really ready to go back to school. I have an extremely light load units wise since all I have left to complete is math (Yay conversational russian!!). Only wait listed for one class which isn't a make or break just something CSUS wants me to have for my teaching credentials. I just like not having homework to do so much!!! Who doesn't!?

Off to my dentist appointment... Happy Wednesday guys!!!!


  1. I think everyone sucks at those three things lol :)

  2. You will look so cute in braces! I don't have the camera but would love it.

  3. My mom did invisaline in her late 50s. If she can do it, so can you! Also, I used to have that camera and it is really good.