Thursday, February 3, 2011

February Love Fest V.1

*Do you see my blog?! Dear god! This is why I blog. Because I am sorry but writing in a journal or on text edit on my mac is just not nearly as adorable as my blog looks. All thanks to the amazing Christina! Go check out her ADORABLE blog. Make sure to look back in the entries cause she had a really fantastic looking wedding!

Here are some people and things I love and appreciate:

+ My kids at work (and my kitties) for reminding me how much joy, fun and pleasure can be found in the simple things. I also appreciate them (and my bosses/co workers who helped train me) for teaching me unbelievable patience I could only learn from them.

+ My family, currently my aunt and cousin. I struggle with math so much and I wouldn't genuinely enjoy this process without their words of encouragement, especially my dearest Avalon!

+ Shane for lightening me up at times. Without him and the kids at work I would forget to play.

+ Girlfriends. Lesley (Jimmy's gal remember?) and Kathy are turning out to be really great lady friends and I love me my Amineh who has been my gal pal since I started community college. Christina whom I mentioned above. I never told you about my hilarious amazing twin that was split from me at birth? Us females really need uber girly time with great ladies.

+ My mom. Simply put.

+ Sweets. Ending a bad day or just any day with something sweet is a must. I don't think I will ever give up sweets. Unless some crazy mean doctor says I'm pre diabetic.