Wednesday, February 9, 2011

What I learned from two Moms talking at Starbucks.

+ Stretch marks, oh lord

+ A million tiny loads of laundry (why not throw kid clothes in with your own?).

+ Random people with kids talk to you about your kid. I guess its like how everyone thinks because I have tattoos I must be the same as other people with tattoos.

Monday: I failed my chapter 6 math test. I had a little breakdown. Shane came and consoled me.  Every new day with him surprises me. He is everything I could have hoped for and more. I am incredibly blessed.

Tuesday: Picked my butt back up off the floor, headed down to the math lab (while doing as much calming breathing as I could) and retook my test. I PASSED! I did pretty well as a matter of fact! Most the day however was spent in horrible pain (I get about a day or two of the worst cramps you could imagine. This has been on going since my monthly curse began). I came home to my amazing roommate preparing a french feast for a friends dinner party. He made extra for me! Such a great guy!

Tomorrow is work and time with Shane. The rest of the week I need to chill. I get so emotionally wrapped up in these math tests as a result Monday was extremely traumatic and anxiety ridden. I'm going to study the next chapter here and there but focus more on coming down some. My fantasticly amazing, smart, beautiful, cool cousin's big one-eight is Sunday. I am excited to spend the weekend kickin it with her. Thursday is drinks with the girls/ roomie/ buddy from anthro class. Things are looking way up since Monday!

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