Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Motocross (Finally!)

AHRMA is real motocross. I just felt that had to be said first. Shane used to race in Supercross. So when I asked if he wanted to road trip with me to see my dad race in "motocross" he thought thats what he was going to see. Some of the differences are:

- Guys break something practically every race.
- Not a lot of good sportsmanship (threatening for passes on turns etc.)
- As my pop calls them "the guys that tuck their ears into their hat" (the style is just really different)
- The track is more complicated and more set up for show boating and tricks.

Vintage Motocross
+ Guys get hurt from time to time (my dad broke his neck in 6 places during a race) but rarely.
+ Amazing sportsmanship! The guys who race are older and if they aren't older its because someone got their son into it. As a result I think the vibe is more relaxed.
+ Its vintage. Not everyone tries to hold down the OG style. My dad does (as you will see with his striped shirt).
+ The track is set up for SPEED! Man do these guys go fast! I love it.
Pretty sure thats Mr Mann on 83. Both bikes are BSA, the same kind my dad races

I hadn't seen my dad race since I was about 5 years old so I was really excited to go. I had so much fun. We had real tea time with the family that put on the race! I met the famous Dick Mann and his ADORABLE wife who had the most beautiful german shepherd. Once Shane saw that it was NOT supercross he decided he wanted to try it out! When we got home we even hauled down a 1975 Kawasaki he plans to race! It was quite magical. I hope if anyone of you out there has an interest you'll check out vintage motocross.

1. Shane and I being goof balls in the car ride up
2. Hills off I-5. So neat!
3. My dad. Here he comes
4. There he goes!

1. My dad let Shane ride his bike! It was so neat!!
2. Dad accepting his award for getting 4 in the day. He won 1st in his class!! So proud!
3. An example of the good sportsmanship. My dad giving the next award.

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