Friday, August 26, 2011


This weekend Shane and I are headed up to the ol' family farm for my step sisters wedding. I would be excited right now except for my dear cat friend Raybeez has some sort of bladder infection. I've had to put a cat down due to an advanced one in the past, and I'm a little scarred. So needless to say I completely LOST IT when Raybeez started acting up! I have so much to do tomorrow before we leave! I canceled my morning bike ride with Jimmy and I hope and pray that I can get Mr. Beez in to the doc early. Sometimes I think my friend Jimmy and I are still friends because we have a few things in common and have been friends for so long. But I feel a little better to know that when I need my big bro Jimmy to come with me to the vet for emotional; support he's there. I've finally convinced myself enough that Raybeez is going to be fine to get some shut eye. I hope part of my freak out was fueled by PMS. I'll be lame and blame most the crying on it... ha! Why not?!

Have a GREAT weekend guys!!!

PS. If you could send warm fuzzes, prayers, thoughts for my Beez we'd be so grateful! I'm sure I am just over reacting.


  1. Oh Caitlin! So sorry he's not well. All me love and prayers to him. Hope you will be able to get some r&r this weekend. See you next week sometime?

  2. Aww I hope everything turns out ok with your cat!