Monday, July 2, 2012

On California's higher education...

I can't speak for other states. Its kind of like the depression how people always "heard" of better job opportunities in other places. "I hear if we go to California theres farm work!". I can relate to this thought process because my family on my Dad's side lived the "Grapes of Wrath". Left Texas because of the dust bowl, migrated to Wyoming, and finally settled here in California where my Granny picked strawberries and cotton to get by.

Well just like them I always hear or believe, "maybe Oregon is better?" "I bet in the south they care about history still...". The sad fact of it is College stinks probably everywhere. I'm physically exhausted; calling this school to get transferred to that school. I'm sick of counselors pointing me in the wrong direction and being counter productive. Isn't that supposed to be their job?! This world is completely backwards. People who are legitimately trying to obtain a higher education have to claw and fight for it ( I could share some stories of friends experiences that would make you blush!). Where others who are just there for "free government money" (don't try and tell me I'm crazy, I've met people at school literally taking classes for money only to drop the class) can simply walk in add 12 units of BS classes and drop. Its so easy to take the wrong path. I spoke about that during my lesson in Relief Society Sunday. " not let us be slothful because of the easiness of the way" (alma 37:46). Oh how tempting slothiness is in times like these.

I have to try and remind myself the blessings at the end of the tunnel are worth the blood, sweat, and tears. Believe me I've shed all three for my two and half useless AAs and my admission to CSU. I am writing this horribly negative post in hopes that someday when I am having a fantastic time learning fascinating things I can look back and think, "gosh, I'm really glad I fought through my low points for this." I hope to find some kind of pride and self worth that I fought the good fight and didn't falter.

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  1. Oh man, I hear you on all counts. I had the most horrible time transferring but I have to say it was worth it. You're right- there are horribly lazy people out there. I ignore them. They just make me angry.