Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I Can Blog.

I swear I can. One shouldn't swear though. I've been up to a lot. I'm a big fancy college gal you know? I just survived my first midterm at big kid college (which isn't saying much since it was only for two classes). Last weekend I went on an eating spree with one of my best lady friends. I was calling it "Breakfast with Tiffany" get it? I'm sure she is annoyed at this phrase by now. I then went to my very first bridal shower. I unexpectedly had a blast! I had the best cupcakes, some magical whipped fruit dip, and brushed off my toilet paper dress designing skills. By the end of that party I was signed up to design two wedding dresses and plan three weddings (but not really...). This weekend I'm going to Apple Hill with my Mama. We've lived in the Sacramento area for 10+ years and she has never been!!!!!! 

Also.... GO GIANTS!!!!


  1. I just found your blog and I'm so jealous you are going to apple hill! I grew up in Roseville so I know how it is the best thing to do this time of year around there. I wish I had a glass of their cider right now :)That bacon and butter place sound really fun too!

    1. Hi Ashley, welcome to my blog! Do you not live locally anymore? I'll be sure to drink an extra glass of cider in honor of you.