Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just Call Me Dr. Giggles

I'm pretty sure I'm recycling this pic from another post...
I am discovering something about myself. I kind of knew this was something that made me feel good when I was younger. I LOVE making people laugh. We talk about talents and things of that nature a lot in church and I think its a talent of mine. Really, I'm not trying to toot my own horn. Its been a long journey of ups and downs to truly realize and admit to you all here that its something I think I'm good at.

When I was younger I just assumed people weren't getting what I was saying. Or, the obvious assumption, that people were laughing at me! Oh heavens, I'm sure that was the case several times. Looking back on it though I could care less if they were laughing at me or with me. It just makes me feel great to hear someone laugh. Lets face it. You don't laugh if your unhappy or sad, right?!

On two occasions this month friends have thanked me for making them laugh and smile and that they were feeling down or didn't want to even go to school previous to that. HOLY COW! It made me feel fantastic. I don't do anything special to make people laugh. Half the time I am not trying to cheer anyone up at all. As I am writing this I realize even more its when I am simply myself that I seem to make the biggest effect on others.

This isn't a kick off to my stand up career. I doubt I could get in front of a crowd of people and hack it. I'll stick to where it matters most. To those people who need it the most and whom I care for and love so much.

Do you guys feel you have any special talents or traits? Ever have a time someone accidentally cheered you up with a little laughter? I'd love to hear from you!

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  1. I love making others laugh :) best medicine ever! &you look adorable in those pictures!