Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dollie Day!!

I took apart the head today. Totally sanded down the face and eye lids. I also boggled the eyes (meaning I made it so the eye lids open more when I pull her string). I am going to buy some fancy new eye chips. For sure planning on buying at least a dark grey and a deep purple.
I have been playing with Blythe doll's for a while now. However, I have taken a break from them for quite a few years. I have 5 doll's as of yet (one is more of a blythe in a cup since I took her apart). It's a great hobby for me. I wish I was skilled enough to completely re-root my Lounging Lovelies hair... but ya never know.

In other news, connie came and had a "sorta" slumber party. We went to Ninja Sushi again. Got there with the help of my new Tom Tom! Thanks Aaron!! Connie and I played with my new Photobooth. I love that thing! We also got to have coffee time. Coffee time is a time to talk. We talk about boys, life, family frustrations all kinds of things. It has been so therapeutic to have coffee time. I needed some coffee time especially because I am entertaining changing my major.
 I have always loved history very much. Specifically US history. History is something I have a real passion to learn about, talk about, watch... all history all the time. I had a history teacher in 8th grade named Mr. D. Mr. D changed how I felt at school. He was incredibly hands on in his teaching methods and it really got me interested in learning. I even graduated 8th grade with a medal for outstanding improvement in history. Some of my college professors have been the same way. Prof. Piscopo is an amazing professor! She gets so excited about history, you can't help but get excited too (not to mention Prof. Piscopo is a little firecracker!).
However, with changing my major comes other major changes. I would be ready to transfer to a university or college (other than community). The way the college system is looking as of late here in CA, it does not seem like quite a great idea to attend any school here. Most of the enrollment to schools have been frozen anyway due to lack of classes as a result of lack of funds. I plan on continuing with my planned spring semester, but I will be sitting down with a councilor to talk about my options.


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