Monday, January 18, 2010

How to Survive a Breakup #1

Church outfit!!

So there are a few things that I am learning that are helping me get through this a little easier. Hobbies. If I don't have time I will make time to stop and create something. Making something makes me feel so useful and proud. For me, I knit. The past few days I have knitted so much! I look down at my progress and it re -instills that I am capable of things. Not to mention smart enough to teach myself! I even made a nifty video to help others learn to knit a ribbing stitch (not sure how helpful it is, but it was fun making it!).

Yeah, never mind I sound like I am from the midwest
(however, I lived in the great lakes/up-state NY for some time which is were
I get that from). 
I am now knitting a heart pattern into a scarf. 
I'm excited to learn more patterns and make something other than a scarf. 
Part of doing a hobby or creating is finding like minded people. 
I am going to check out a Stitch and Bitch group on Thursday.
I am doing this all on my own which is also important. 
I feel very 

I will be making "How to Survive a Break up" posts quite regularly from now on. So please stay tuned as I am learning daily!

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  1. i've just learned how to knit!i like it cause it is something i can just sit and do with my hands. i need to come up with more crafts to do, though.

    great post!