Sunday, January 17, 2010

Thanks be to God.

I have had, by far, the most amazing morning!
I woke up at 8:40am and made it to church pretty much 9:30 on the dot (Now, I have struggled with the idea of faith and god and all that comes with that my entire life. My parents never baptized me to give me a choice in my religion. However, the time I have spent in churches were mainly in catholic ones. I understand most catholic traditions and I do enjoy them.). When I feel inclined I really love St. Francis of Assisi downtown. The church is so relaxed compared to so many others I have attended in the past. I even got a hug as I walked up to the church!!
 When I let my thoughts and apprehension go and just listen and feel I tend to have this great wave of relaxation when I am in the church. I feel so safe inside the walls (very beautiful ones at that). Such a great time to just sit, stand, and kneel in meditation. For some strange reason, when I do have the urge to go to church the sermon is usually perfectly set to exactly what I am going through at the time. So needless to say, I am going to make the commitment and go to the adult catechism classes and get baptized. Not sure my dad will be too happy about it. But the fathers parting words today were to go out and help unite the Christian faiths as opposed to be divided because someone else is right or wrong.
 I have aways been the type to believe something after it has been proven, I would like to try this year to believe something I feel is right or true even before it's scientifically proven. That goes with relationships too.
My great morning does not end there!! (But wait theres more!!!)
It was free sunday over at Crocker Art Museum. Oh man was I excited!! They had a sign out front that said limited depending on capacity. I had no idea how popular free sunday was! I found a parking spot and walked in. So warmly greeted and handed a little flyer describing the amazing treasures that were being featured. "Curiosities"!!! I have been wanting to go since I saw the beautiful opal and diamond 1900's broach on the sign back in December(turns out it was Margaret Crocker's favorite broach and they showed a painting of her wearing it!!!)!

Not to mention 2 other broaches of hers were shown. Both Tiffany's!!! Then I saw some fantastic 1800s clothing. Specifically this purple velvet evening dress. Oh man! I could have stood there all day and starred at it. The craftsmanship was out of this world! Many of the clothing Pieces belonged to Aimee Crocker, who was considered the more eccentric out of the siblings.

Edit!!! I forgot I must add that I saw one thing that was particularly interesting. Some may think this is gross. I think this is just fascinating!

Human hair!!! Can you believe it? Done by twisting hair from family members donating hair. Most the time hair from a dead loved one was used and the wreath was placed in a shadow box as a memorial.

The beads on her shall were made of cut steel and all I could think,  I leaned over to get the closest look possible, was how heavy this Jacket/shall must have been! I topped off my morning with a good cup of coffee from my favorite coffee shop down town and headed home. I am feeling pretty good. Still a little sad and mad of course. I spoke to my dad and I think he really feels for me for the first time which means a lot. He said he would call me at the end of the weekend. He even told me not to be a stranger!!! I am planning another trip up there soon (to Oregon). Hopefully the first week or so of Feb. My dad and his wife got a new 8 week old puppy so I am excited to meet Zeus!

What have you been up to this weekend? Anything new or exciting? Hope you all have a fantastic rest of the weekend!!!!


  1. i think it's great that you're making a commitment about faith. i completely agree that people allow small differences in their faiths to divide them and sow seeds of bitterness over the stupidest things. good for you.

  2. Thanks Lauren! Faith is a new thing I am entertaining. I am such a logical person its so difficult not to think everything out of oblivion! It helps to know other bloggers who are like minded as well.

  3. glad you made it out the the museum like you wanted!

    nothing too exciting for me this weekend. sat around in barnes & noble for a few hours checking out books. and right now...i am enjoying a really beautiful sunset in michigan. lovely pinks, oranges, blues, and greens.


  4. That sounds like a pretty good weekend to me! I was thinking of hitting up the library myself soon!

  5. Congradulations on your finding religion. I switched my religion last year myself. I was raised Christian but around the time I vacant a teenager I couldn't believe in what I was being taught so I became an Agnostic but quickly became Atheist because of Robert Frost's quote, "don't be Agnostic, be something." I was an Atheist for more than a decade until last year when I became a Deist. Good for you.

  6. Ooo, whats Deist? Sounds interesting! I am torn between Catholicism and Christian. There is a lot of things I would need to do to properly do the Catholic thing. I really like the church but it would take me like 2 years to be a legit catholic. I may check out a christian church this sunday.