Monday, January 25, 2010

Oh you!

Crazy world this is!
Went to the gym today. Ran a little faster. For a little longer.
I start dancing on Wednesday. I am so excited!! I would be even more excited if I had my fasfa check so I could get my shoes!
A lady freaked out on me today in the parking lot. I saw a girl walking to her car somewhere in the vast lot. I rolled down my window and asked if she was leaving. She said I could follow her to her car. So I did. The car could have been anywhere.
Sadly, it was in the same elise where a crazy lady was waiting for a spot to open up. First come first serve. Sorry. She pulls up to my bumper like she is going to hit me and starts screaming at me! Claiming it was her spot all this business, threatening me! I have never dealt with that before! The school itself is so much less stressful than simply trying to find a parking spot. I am honestly scared for tomorrow.
The mail hasn't come yet today (I know, I checked 20 times already). I have hope yet. But really I am scared for tomorrow.


  1. EW! What a scary lady. I can't stand when people freak out over things like that! I'm glad you're okay! haha. <3

  2. Haha seriously! Thanks! I now have the direct line to my college campus police. It's like that at all campus' in Cali. The college system is horrible thanks to money problems.