Sunday, January 24, 2010

So Full.

So I took a picture of today. However, Jimmy hates pictures apparently so I will only use found pictures to depict this morning.

I love this place! Now, Connie always spoke about it as long as I've known her and I could never imagine what the hell she was talking about (she is from the south, I still have yet to experience Piggly Wiggly)! When I lived on the east coast there was one 2 exits away!!! I ate there with my friend Jimmy at least once a week. Their pancakes are friggin amazing! I loved them with marion blackberry sauce the best! So my Uncle Paul has a relative that manages one in Asheville,NC and brought some mix and syrup back for me!!! Such an amazing guy!
Jimmy made really great bacon. The pancakes were as big as my head. The coffee was good. I had a tasty mimosa to top it all off while relaxing watching Tough Love (which I am totally going to apply for next season). I laughed a bunch. It was so fabulous! I ran from Jimmy as he creepily imitated Sponge Bob. I love being around people that are as weird and goofy as I am.
Outfit from today. Excuse the messy closet and semi shot of the blankie my Baba (grandma) crocheted me. Oh pockets in dresses how I love thee. I will buy pretty much any dress with pockets.

However, on my way home, my brain got to me. (your not obligated to read further. But I don't mind if you do!)
Now I try and keep my blog upbeat as much as possible. I like to treat this as I did with my Livejournal though. So sometimes, I'm sorry especially with my break up, its going to be kinda boo. I'm Trying. I really wish he was there to laugh with us. I miss doing things with him. Sharing experiences. I really miss having someone I can call and say "oh my god, you wont believe this!"I really thought he was the one so I really got used to the idea of having him around for times like this. I view partners as part of your life (ah hem "part"ner). Friends, even Connie who is essentially my sister, have their own lives and aren't around all the time. This thing thats most different from all my other breakups is; before I met him I was exactly fine and happy. Happy with my life, friends, decisions, goals. That's when you are supposed to meet "those" people. Well, it's really hard to get back to that when you are so assured that the person isn't going anywhere. He has asked me, "what do you want me to say?" I want you to say, "sit tight! I just gotta do some things and I will be right back." I would be there! I would be fine with being there! I am a true hopeless romantic and will do just about ANYTHING for the right guy. He keeps saying he has treated me better than any other guys. It kills me cause its true! Why does he say that? To remind me I can't have that again? So I was thinking, on my way home, I just don't see myself (at least for a long while) with anyone else. I saw myself with him. I still do. To end this rant, I will share a story. Since as far back as I can remember....
I have had this fantasy. That the man of my dreams ends up on my door step (window, back door, whatever porthole my little mind had thought up at the moment) and professes his undying love for me. "I can't live without you!" says all the typical romantic amazing things and purposes and we live happily ever after. I always imagined this intense, undying, completely epic John and Abigail Adams style love (I never cared for Johnny and June...too volatile.). I still want that. I fantasize about this very thing now more than a decade later. I think I will never loose hope for it.


  1. i love your outfit! very cute.

    i used to go to cracker barrel when i was little and get dumplings--it was the only thing i would ever get!

    i do hope you feel better about your breakup soon. it is a sad time, yes, but i hope you feel better sometime soon.


  2. oh caitlin, i am so sorry about the breakup! unfortunately i have been there before. i never ever thought i would get over it or through it. i hated when people said to me that i just needed to move on and let it go. but one day, i realized that i had, and eventually my husband came into my life and it all just made sense. i know you will get your happy ending!

    i have never been to cracker barrell before, we have one by our house, but i still have never been there! maybe someday?

  3. Thanks Chloe and Jess for the kind words! Chloe! you HAVE to go! They usually have seasonal specials and they are so good! I drove home from Upstate NY on I80 and stopped at every one till there were none left! haha. Their pies are amazing. As Jess mentioned, their chicken and dumplings are sooo good!

  4. Hi. Stumbled on your blog from Sometimes Sweet.

    I know sometimes it's hard to hear what ANYONE says after a breakup. And we've all probably been there. They're no fun at all. And sometimes you miss having that person there. But each day it DOES get a little better. And one day you wake up and things are better again.

    I hope it stops hurting soon.

  5. Thanks Krysten. It's nice to hear anothers take on it. Somedays are always harder than others. It just seems to progressively get easier.Hope you'll follow now that you've found me!