Friday, January 15, 2010

Okay Okay!

It's only 24 hours so I am still sore! But I will get through this!!!
I am going to use this as the first time to talk to my dad about boys. I never have because I always wanted to maintain that little girl nothing is every wrong image. I am a sucker for my dad!

I am still going to the museum on Sunday. I may even get up early and go to church and then hit not only Crocker art but the history museum as well!

I am going to get through math just fine! I have a great support system through my aunt and I am sure my school has a great math lab.

use this time to stop being so stubborn about things. Just refine who I am. Maybe even love myself a little more

And maybe, if he really doesn't come back to me (if you love him set him free, if its right he'll come back is secretly in the far regions of my brain) then I will flee to Oregon!

Also I am officially aspiring to be Indiana Jones! It's only a natural progression seeing as how I have been  in love with those movies since birth!

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