Saturday, January 16, 2010

First day of school

Had my first math class. So much help available to me so I am happy about that. I am basically retaking a class I took last semester. However the previous class was too fast and difficult for me. I have all this homework I have to do on a computer but I don't have money to buy the software yet (or any of my supplies for that matter). I really hate that. Just once I want to have a head start on things! I get my Fasfa (federal financial aid for you non students) on the 22nd so I wont be too far behind. I have the book from my last class so I can study and I also took a sample test.

I have been very contemplative the past 2 days. I suppose its because Aaron's reason for breaking it off is because he needs to find himself. So I have been thinking about myself a little bit lately. Usually when I go through a breakup I do something horribly wrong to piss that person off and at the end I ask what it was and fix myself. I love constantly learning and evolving in that way. I've asked friends what I could do personally to evolve. But particularly I have been thinking about greatness.
 A person may have an inclination that they are meant for something important or note worthy. I have had that same inclination since I was very young. I thought maybe I would write a book. If you think about some of the worlds greatest leaders not many of them put themselves in these positions of power. Martin Luther King Jr. may be a good example especially in the wake of his birthday. MLKjr was a family man, married had children. The man saw and injustice and decided to take the steps needed to make a change. I am sure he had no idea he would make such a difference. I recently read about how MLK jr. made a world wide change.
 Presidential candidates can merely campaign (or pay off people if they are dirty and they usually are) to obtain their position.
 I believe if we are destined to do something noteworthy than no matter what you do to get yourself there something you do is going to make a sound. I am humble. I have had a realization that I am such a itty bitty speck on this earth. My thoughts and actions have very little impact on the world. What they do have impact on are the people and corners of space that I am around. I will try everyday to be mindful of how my decisions effect myself and those around me. Replace a callus exterior for one that is more useful. Many people who are not mindful are in need of caring. Maybe if I show that to them, only wish people love and hope then I will feel more calm internally. The only greatness I am destined for is to do right by me. That's what I plan to do.

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