Friday, February 5, 2010

Fill in the blank Friday.

1.  If I had two hours to myself today, I'd     drive to the beach      .

2.  If I could travel anywhere today, I would go to    Anywhere on the east coast ♥   .

3.      This last Christmas     is my happiest memory.

4.  Sometimes you're     the one with the answers       other times you're     not in the loop anymore .

5.  Beauty is     much more than exterior appearances.

6.  I would be embarassed if anyone knew    how much I can talk sometimes. My closest friends do know and I am still embarrassed by it at times.

7.  Love at first sight is    Something I didn't believe in until recently. Sometimes you see someone and you just know their it for you    .


  1. I wish I lived in driving distance to the beach! That would be wonderful right now. Instead, it's snowing as I type.

  2. awwwww! yay for love at first sight. you my dear are the rarity :).

    i think being chatty is good, so keep at it.

    hope you have a lovely weekend & thanks for playing along!


  3. Sam: I'll trade you! I miss the snow! But only for 2 weeks. Shoveling is the pits!

    Lauren: I love your fill in the blank fridays! I think I am going to make a habit out of it. Sadly, the one I fell for is my most recent ex, but I have a tremendous amount of hope since we still talk and such.

  4. Snow is nice, but so is warm weather!... It is pretty here on the east coast, I live on Cape Ann in mass... I loved your fill in the blank friday!!!

  5. Thanks! I love mass! I left my heart in Salem. That place was amazing!!!