Friday, February 5, 2010

Me day.

I haven't done my nails in it seems forever! I used to do my nails weekly. Lately I have felt like I've let myself go. So I tried my best to not feel guilty I wasn't hitting the books hard. I went to the gym this morning, it was a great session this time! Then needed to pick up some things at Target. One I must share!

I got samples of these awhile back. The conditioner is mint rosemary smell and the shampoo is juniper and rosemary (I love juniper! especially in my gin!). My hair has been a wreck lately! After using this shampoo (coupled with Dove's moisture conditioner) my hair is so extremely soft and smooth! My hair looks healthier than it has since my last trim!

Then I was inspired by this image to paint my nails.

Sometimes one color can get so dull!

My version:

I didn't have the right pink. I feel I came pretty close. I've always hated my fingers. I felt they are not girly or dainty enough.

I need to study some math, then I am going to get ready and go see my cousin Avalon's "party like its 1929" thing at her school. I am excited to see her and her class mates in action!