Friday, February 26, 2010

Fill in the Blank Friday.

1.  When I'm nervous I    fidget a bunch with my hair or fingers   .

2.  My favorite item in my closet is     My dress collection. It's not very big but I love them all  .

3.       drinking a cup of tea and listening to classical music in the bath        is my favorite thing to do when I need to relax.

4.  My favorite childhood memory is      Doing things with my dad. Going to the cheese factory. Hanging out with him in the garage while helping him work on his motorcycles. Especially when we lived at my Granny and Papa's house  .

5.  Something you may not know about me is     I can't stand certain color combinations. Red and brown, red and yellow Royal blue and yellow (so UC)   .

6.  A true friend   Is named Connie, who as Lauren already said, "  will tell you when you have food stuck in your teeth or when an outfit is "less than flattering".  They'll laugh with you, cry with you, and will drop everything to have coffee with you when you're having a bad day"   .

7.  Something I hope people think of when they think of me is     that I am a good and kind person. That I make them laugh. I have always just wanted to make people laugh and smile    .


  1. I loovee your answer for a true friend.

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. glad you have a true friend who fits the bill. always so great having someone you know you can count on.

    and...i hope you had squeaky cheese while you were at the cheese factory. i love that stuff!

    thanks for playing along this week!

    hope you have a great weekend.