Friday, February 26, 2010


My day is winding down.
So far so good though!
Woke up
Failed at trying to french braid my own hair. I just can't seem to do it.
I'll keep trying.
Went to the gym and had a really great work out.
Went to the school library and copied 20 or so pages from my french book
(I don't have $$ for the book just yet)
Then headed over to my friend Moody's to bake celebratory cupcakes
(I passed my Ch. 2 math test, success in math is always cause for celebration in my book)

I wore
(don't mind the luggage, I have yet to unpack from Oregon)

Cover Girl lip stain. I really like it.

I need this for ballet. It's perfect for a ballerina!

Holly at Create*Loves posted about it. Not to mention a bunch of other cute things from Pretty Zakka Shop

Vendredi heureux!


  1. that bag is SO CUTE.
    and i love your bangs!

  2. i like that bag! i love alice in wonderland.