Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Holy Savings Batman!

I really loved this outfit at Banana Republic

However the base dress

Is $98!! And its wrinkly! Besides, the belt it comes with isn't even in the outfit.

Then I found this

It's only $68!!!
Who would have thought that Lands End has some adorable affordable pieces!

You know what this means? I need to get my fanny into a store and do some shopping. 
The girl in me can't take it anymore.
I have quite a bit left over on my Christmas gift card for Lohmans (thanks Auntie Cliva!!!).
I think I need to quench my fix a little. Tomorrow perhaps? After I kick butt at studying?


  1. sounds like fun! i hope you find something nice!


  2. I much prefer the cheaper one. Its funny how things work out like that sometimes!

  3. I do too Jess. I can't bring myself to buy pre-wrinkled things either. I just want to iron it too badly. And, if you are so into wrinkles you can just ball up the cheaper one for a day or two. haha.