Friday, February 26, 2010

Joining the secrets telling party.

I am scared to grow up. I am scared to have so much responsibility. I am especially scared it will be too hard and I wont succeed. Or I will loose my inner child. 

I secretly want 100 babies. Well not 100. I almost had one but miscarried. It's been easier to say I don't want them then to dream of having that little girl.

I check my email a million times a day because I am so lonely.

I am scared I will never find "the one" and be alone. I secretly want to be happily married to a really great man. I feel I have a special bit of love saved up and yearn to give it to someone special. I am scared I may have found him but have lost it forever.

I am really disappointed in my little sister. I am sad she is going down a really bad path.
I don't know how to be a big sister and I wish I did. We have been out of touch for most her life. But I have always thought about her and wished to be there for her. Now I am scared there is nothing I can do.

Who else will accept the dare to share?! (link me with your post!)
Inspired by Miss Elsie Cake, check out her secrets.


  1. I just wanted to thank you for posting this. Especially because your secret about your little sister, hit home for me. I moved across the country last year and it seems that since then my role as big sister has been turned into stranger and bystander. She's in an abusive relationship, dropped out of school, and becoming a mess. I want to shake her, but I feel like when we do talk everything I say to encourage her to get in touch with the girl I know, inside of her, it's falling on deaf ears. She was going to Berkeley, independent, taking care of herself physically and emotionally by surrounding herself with great friends and going to church..and now she's completely alienated herself and become someone I don't think I'd be friends with.

  2. i want 100 babies too. i found you through elsie, and i did this too.