Friday, February 19, 2010

On Top of Ol' Smokey.

Calm before the storm!

The side of I-5

Olive Pit! I try and stop here every trip up. They have millions of different kinds of olives.
I got the most delicious dark chocolate covered almonds, sugar free!
I always buy the garlic stuffed olive's. Probably the only garlic I can eat without wanting to die.

California Himalayas'
(Shasta Mountain)

Snow! Dirty snow. But snow still!

Starting to loose it.

I'm done driving!
I made it to my dads at 7:13pm (Tom Tom said so). I left Sacramento a little after 12pm. I made really good time.
We had a great quick dinner. Talked about hot button things. I love the conversation in this house hold.
My dad's before dinner blessing was probably one of my favorites this time.

Last but not least, introducing....


The most cutest mastiff puppy in the whole wide world. I will have to take video of how he walks. It's hilarious. His paws are HUGE compared to his body. He is 12 weeks old. Venise (my dad's wife) is amazing with him. He is already pretty well trained.


  1. By "cool glasses" do you mean cool glasses? Or by "cool glasses" do you mean cool glasses fag?

  2. Amazing Glasses so amazing!!
    Gosh I wish I had some! but no I dont (sad face!!)
    and the hair just makes everything even better!
    love this post♥