Friday, February 12, 2010

Style Files.

Every spring people seem to get the innate urge to clean everything out.
Not me. Well, kind of.
I get the urge to clean out my closet.
I have always struggled with my personal style.
When I was younger I was kind of a punk rocker so (contrary to popular belief) my style was kind of easy and set.
(sophomore year. OMG!)

Did the Rockasilly thing. No tattoos! Oh how I miss it.

I can dress myself. Its just nothing very notable.

Then everything changed. I've gone through so many fazes my closet and pocketbook can't seem
to keep up. It seems that every spring is when my evolution if you will starts a new. 
Like a re-birth of sorts I suppose.
I know what I like. I see you guys (yes my blogger buddies, you!) with your fabulously cute style.
I love it! Sadly, I have no clue what to buy or how to put it together. I study a particular outfit I like. They seem so simple, shirt, bottoms, belt. It always seems to be a combo of 3 or so seemingly simple things.
Kind of a trinity of adorable.
If I had the money I would hire someone to come in and do an overhaul. Cut my crazy fashion to ribbons! However, I have been known to put something together
Again, nothing notable.
More to come....


  1. i think your outfits in the last two pictures are cute!!

    i've been cleaning all day! it just feels spring-like today and i'm in the mood for freshening things up!

    i also get that feeling where...when each spring comes i find myself collecting a new wardrobe.


  2. Thanks! I hate to sound like a commercial but I got it at Ross. Haha. In with the new out with the old right jessica? It's 63 degrees here in Cali and its only getting warmer, so it for sure feels like spring today!