Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dear future partner...

In honor of Valentines day:
I am excited to meet you one day.
First things first. I wan to let you know that I love and appreciate you.
Thank you for putting up with my perpetually cold feet.
I understand that I have a large personality, somedays are bad and some are good.
Thank you for taking all the days with such grace and stride.
I warn you now my family is crazy.
My mom's side especially.
I promise we wont spend too much time with them.
Connie is my best friend and sister.
Thank you for not being intimidated by our closeness
and crazy ways. 
I hope you enjoy being silly and goofy together.
I am a complete nerd. Especially for history. So be prepared to see me freak 
out over historical land marks and information.
I suck at math. If you are ever doomed to help me with math, I will owe you big
for your complete patience.
I am terribly dramatic at times I know. I am a regular Scarlet O'heara. But know that 
it comes from the most loving and endearing place in my heart.
I am a know it all and I will at times fact check to a fault.
It's best to let me live in my ignorance because know that deep down I know 
I am possibly wrong and being silly.
I love road trips. I hope you love them too. Maybe you will join me in a road
trip across the south. Or a trip to the first 13 colonies.
I am terribly cynical. I think jokes that most might find inappropriate are hilarious. I hope you can take a joke. As a side effect from having so many guy friends, I am a ball buster. Please don't take me as mean or serious.
I have a past. I hope you have one too. Because it is our pasts that make us the people we are today.
I regret nothing in mine because it made me who I am and brought me to you.
I love cupcakes and goat cheese. I hope you like to go to the gym, because I love to bake and cook.
I love going places. I don't like to sit on the couch too long.
Sometimes I need to do things for myself. I hope you enjoy doing things for yourself.
maintaining individuality is very important in our relationship. We should never be the dreaded "We".
I am loud. People are horribly irritated by this. Hopefully you will just find me boisterous!
I sing really loudly in the car. Hopefully if you know the song you will damn the man and sing a long!
I hope that you know that if I fall in love with you it will be forever. I hope you love me back the same way. I hope you appreciate and cherish the partnership we share. I hope you realize that I am a really great, well rounded, loving person and know that I realize those things in you. I will stick with you through anything. If you need to find yourself, I will be there to support you when you need to talk. If you are sad, upset, feeling like the world will never work out for you, negative, anything I would love the opportunity to be your rock as you are mine.
I can't wait to meet you. I hope you are ready when I do. Because I plan on keeping you.

Love always, Caitlin


  1. Um, okay...this is THE cutest/sweetest thing I've read in a long, long time. Thank you for sharing this. <333

  2. aww thanks so much for saying so Danielle. Thanks for reading! <3!!!

  3. Absolutely the cutest thing I've read in a long time. If I could have handed this to my husband 4 years ago, I'm pretty sure he would have patted me on the head and we'd be right where we are now.
    He's out there, lady. Be ready, because your heart is going to burst all the time!